A Beautiful Mess : A letter for all the frustrated souls


I know you’re frustrated

 You’re frustrated at not getting there. Wherever there is. In fact, where the heck is ‘there’?                                                 

“There” can be many things.  

For some of us, it’s a nice home. For others, it’s a never-ending round-the-world-ticket. For a lot of us, it’s love and family. It’s also a career, success and wealth. Abundance in every sense of the term.

“There” is happiness. Bliss. Content. UN-frustrated and UN-bothered.

Yet, all these things are subjective. In other words, they’re based on you, and what you like and need.

Frustration = Impatient. Impatient for things to happen, for luck to strike. For goals to start kicking.

I hear you, though.

I hear you on the days when you don’t think anyone’s listening. I hear you on the days you didn’t get everything done. The days you feel it’s just not enough, or you’re feeling like a joke. I hear you on the days you loose patience with yourself and others. On the days where “stuck on repeat” isn’t just a song, it’s a lifestyle.

Speaking of song, let me quote you a great one.  

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along” — Marroon 5

Yep. I just went there. 

Deep stuff, am I right? Not really, but it does have a meaning.

Know that with every hurdle, there is a win. You take the good, with the bad. However big or small, it’s always the positive outcome that makes all the trudging-through-the-mud days, worth it.

And I’m about to give you a win right now. A physical thing you can do, right this very minute.

 Write yourself a little letter, use this as a template, insert your personal signature wherever appropriate:


Dear Guilt/Frustration/Feelings of Inadequacy 

Fuck Off. 



My Sanity.


Tell that guilt to fuck off.  Tell frustration you’re doing your best.  Tell all that negative self doubt to shove it, because even though you’re not where you’re supposed to be right now, no one else told you you couldn’t get there. That’s all in your head.

You’re getting there. Even the fact that you’re reading this, means you care. You care to make a difference and to make things better for yourself.

Humans are messy, they’re also beautiful. You’re one of them.

 Last month, I had a little bit of a writer’s block. My writer’s block to my eyes equated to failure. The fear of being inconsistent in my work actually hindered my creativity. “Justifying your worth by your constant ticking of to do lists and achievements?” Yup, that’s me all over.  When you’re trying to grow a business, you feel like you need to be on it, 24/7. Every day is a crucial step to your growth. Stagnancy is like a a mean call to your self-doubt, it attacks your self-confidence.

I’m still learning that rest is not a sign of weakness. That being slow or not having it all figured out is not a clear sign of failure. I’m learning to live in the beautiful mess. But you know what? We’re all human, going through the same ups and downs.

In those times, I write myself a letter. I tell whatever emotion that’s ruling my head to kindly step aside, because I am not letting it drive on the road to my journey, my success. It can sit in the backseat, I’ll acknowledge it’s presence, but in no way will I hand it the wheel.

You’re doing great.

As I write this, I think about everyone I know and their frustrations. I think about how some don’t feel seen, or heard. Others don’t feel like they’re living their fullest life. Some are lost, some are finding their way, unsure to ask for help.

I know some are lonely, and some are hurt. Some are driven by the fear of failure, or the relentless pressure to succeed.  I’m writing this with them in mind, with all of us in mind. Channeling my own emotions, encompassing their own.  

And I’m here to write that it’s OKAY. It’s OKAY, because we are human, in our most basic form,  linked by the emotions that dictate our lives. You can feel frustration and you can feel guilt, or imposter syndrome, or whatever it is you’re dealing with, but you don’t need to let it take over.

I’m also here to tell you to keep going. Because you have to. You have to show the next person how to do it, so that when they asked you how you got “There” you will know exactly what to say.

Give yourself a break.

You’re doing great. I have to remind myself this on the regular.  And on the days when I don’t, I like to know there’s letters like this that are out there.