The Upside’s newest collection gets the yogi review


When it comes to choosing new yoga gear, I don’t joke around. I like to know I can move in anyway, shape or form without feeling constricted or squeezed in. It’s almost as if I’d rather practice naked, free of anything preventing me from moving and breathing, twisting, inverting -- basically all the good stuff that leads to savasana.

I know you feel me on this one.

While we may not be quite ready to hit that new nude- studio yoga class (yet), I did find the next best thing.

Cue: The Upside’s latest Collection

The Upside’s New Collection embraces bold, confident, feminine and dreamy, all together.

And that’s exactly what I want to embody on my yoga mat.

When you’re thinking about getting new yoga gear, there are three key words you want to hear : Comfort. Support. Style. True to the brands moto, fashion most definitely meets function.
Andy X The Upside-00501.jpg

 The confidence of the designs, mixed with bold patterns in that classic “Upside” style, had me ready for any inversion, headstand or forward fold coming my way.  Seamless and oh-so-flattering, it’s as though the material felt like second skin. A gentle nod to feeling feminine no matter the shape or size.

The brain child of fashion powerhouse, creator, and business woman, Jodhie Meares, The Upside’s unique prints, complimented by the brand’s quality materials and attention to detail, are what make it stand out, right from the get go.

And I am SO very stoked to announced that The Upside have managed to create pieces, true to their motto: “Informed by fashion without abandoning functionality”. All complete with an extra dose of style, freshly released this October. Shot in one of my ultimate favourite yoga studios, Modern Movement in Balgowlah, it gave me a chance to play, to stretch, to sweat and take it through contortions worthy of a gymnast.

Wearing the Woodstock Yoga Pants


If Life Gives you Rain… Dance in it

You know how you carefully plan out your weeks’ to do list and schedule, thinking it will all pan out perfectly, then life throws you a few hurdles, seemingly on purpose, just to mix things up a bit with your careful planned aforementioned schedule?

Well it was kind of like that with shooting this collaboration.

You may or may not be aware of the heavy rainfall Sydney has had in the last two weeks – but let me tell you, it has stopped many a photoshoots! While we had planned to shoot outdoors and by the beach, true to the No Shoes No Worries lifestyle, rain, thunder and 30km winds said otherwise.

The good thing about shooting with an epic photographer such as Lucy Douglas, is that she’ll adapt and work with anything you throw at her. From standing on the edge of a cliff, bare bones, on a windy winter’s 8 degree morning (Hey, it happened), to splashing about in puddles outside yoga studios, there isn’t anything this legend isn’t game for. Which worked out well, since we had to make the rain work FOR us!

Lucky for me, the jacket and hoodie pre/post yoga were absolutely perfect. Plus, it just makes you feel that little bit extra cool when you walk in. Okay — really cool. Like Beyonce-walking-out-of-soul-cycle-in-the-rain cool.

Andy X The Upside-00992.jpg

A brand, a lifestyle, a type of woman we all want to be

I love a brand that not only embodies a personality or certain type of woman, but a brand that really gives you a feel for a lifestyle. The Upside’s designs are not only flexible, beautiful and thoughtfully crafted, but they make you want to embrace whatever life – or the weather– throws at you.

Wearing the Pheonix Hoodie | Woodstock Bra + Leggings

In this case, we embraced the rain, and we darn well danced in it, too.

I’m so glad this came about because in a way it was a life lesson. One that seems to be popping up over and over again, and every time I see it with fresh eyes. Things will not always go as plan. You gotta work with what you’ve got and have that flexible, “make-it-happen anyway” attitude. In other words,  look at the Upside of things (see what I did there?).

It’s what makes you better at life, in general.

Until then, I’ll keep rockin’ this gear, cause it sure is rockin’ my world at the moment.

Wearing the Woodstock Yoga Pants | Yoga Mat Kamuka Yoga