My Favourite Writer Jen Yih and I had a conversation. It went a little something like this


There are few people whose brains, creativity and passion I respect more then Jen Yih.

After reading an article she wrote for Herewith Magazine, a few years ago now, I sent an email to Jen and told her about my insecurities as a writer at the time(Yep, we ALL have some). And boy, did she help me kick them to the curb!

Jen inspired me to start freelancing, write those first few pitches and get shi*t done. She is the OG salt sister, and an inspiration.

To this day we write to each other like old school pen pals, and I love it. I'm very stoked and honoured to have had a little chat with her one her website and writing hub : Check her out and our little interview. I like to think she brings out my best writer skills, and I'm a little proud of this interview.

Thanks Jen Yih, absolute legend.

Stay tuned as I return the favour and have a Q&A with her on Salty Talks!

Read the full conversation HERE

I’ve always had a strong sense of value and self-worth, but it hasn’t always showed up in areas of my life where I needed it the most. Women who confidently uplift other women to embody that sense of self-worth is a beautiful thing – mostly because I believe we all deserve a space to authentically create and be ourselves.