The Lineup : Beach Edit


When it comes to surfing and harsh sun-rays, it's a lot like Las Vegas : what you put on your face, should stay on your face (and preferably, out of the ocean). Summers in Australia can be quite intense with the blazing 35 degree heat, along with endless hours spent by the beach and in the ocean, which means that more often than not, you end up looking something like this: 

You really need to know how to lather up, whether its that (really awful) blue zinc stuff you use to slap on your face, or the now more sutble skin coloured zinc (which guys secretly use as foundation when they come out of the surf ). Sun screen is essential, and if you spent a little too long roasting in the sun, so is your aloe vera and /or after sun lotion. 

I don't know much about makeup, but I do know about my skin and suncare. Here are a few products that followed me through and through on my travels and in my every day. Beach, surf, post-surf and even at night.



Ella Baché

Medium Beige SPF 40 (The Foundation) and Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (The Lotion).

These two tubes came in handy when we surfing in Sri Lanka,   and I still use it every time I surf at home, even when it doesn't feel that sunny.  My boyfriend can't get enough of it and we have to pry it out of each other's hands. The best part is you only need a tiny, little bit of the zinc for it to spread all over your face, so the tube lasts really long. The lighter, non tinted version is great for every day use when out and about. I use both daily and really love the non oily texture. The tinted version is great if you exercise/run/spend a lot of time out in the sun.  


Oshan Essentials After Sun Monoi

The beautiful ladies over at Oshan Essentials sent me their stuff to try all the way from Hawaii, and I fell in love with the distinct smell of tropical goodness bottled up in every flasks. 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, every ingredient has a purpose, and I'm a real sucker for anything Mono'i. Reminds me of my island days living in the Caribbean growing up. I wish this photo was scratch and sniff just so you could understand how truly magical it makes you feel. "LA" is their After Sun Mono'i and I lather it my body and in my hair, it gives some much needed TLC on the days there is more salt than anything else on my skin. The "ELE" face wash is charcoal based and also amazing to strip all the residual zinc/dirt from the day. 



Sun Bear Sunscreen

If you haven't heard of these guys, check them out. Their cause is the cutest, best thing I've ever seen/heard. Sun Bear Sunscreen is non-profit organisation that makes vegan, cruelty-free sunscreen.  Their purpose  is to use the profits they make from their sunscreen to help save endangered Sun Bears in the jungles of Borneo. You can read all about these guys here, and rest assured that when you slap their stuff on you're protecting not only your skin, but a little piece of the rainforest. That's what I call making the most out of your tanning session.  


Dr.Roebucks 2-in-one Mask + Scrub and No Worries Face Moisturiser.

I was using Dr.Roebucks long before I worked with them on this cool project. I use their scrub/mask a couple times a week as a cleanse. I'm a big fan of going to bed with a fresh, clean face, and this stuff makes me feel all minty fresh. The tiny beads in the scrub are super subtle, so you don't feel as though it's scratching your face off like sand.

  I'm a little OCD when it comes to night moisturisers, in the sense that I will not be able to sleep if I don't have any on. I really love their No Worries Moisturiser . Aside from the fact that it kinda has half my name in it, (if you click on that link you'll actually see me holding it, which for some reason I find really funny), it also happens to feel like your are perpetually underwater, and your skin just seems soaks it all up. Trust me, the hydration factor is real, and if you're like me and spend a lot of time in the sun, it'll feel like a gift from the moisturising gods.