To all the times you fell in love with life


In Mandarin they have a word “Yu Yi” which means the desire to feel intensely again, the way you did when you were a kid experiencing things daily for the very first time.

This is a feeling I wholeheartedly believe in and live by. I’ve been holding onto this video, this sunset train ride, somewhere between rainfall and dusk, a magic hour along the coastline of Sri Lanka on a rickety old train full of dust and dirt.

I tend to find the most simple, human things truly whimsical and amazing. This was one of them. Nothing makes me happier then these experiences that are genuine, real and raw in their simplicity. All while being uniquely magical.

So here's to all those moments.  For every single time you ever fell in love.
Whether or not it was obvious, 
Whether or not it lasted, and whether or not you were loved back. 
It changed everything.