10 days in Sri Lanka : The Highlights


If you've been following my palm tree fuelled posts for the last couple of days, you'll know that I finally made it to my long time dream destination :

Sri Lanka.

We had ten days to explore the south-west and southern province, a magical part of the island. The first part of our trip was from Ahangama to Mirissa, discovering hidden breaks, incredible sunsets and my personal favourite, tall, tall palm trees. We met some pretty amazing people and learnt a thing or two in between. Local, amazing food, buzzing tuk-tuks, fun waves and yoga filled this region brimming with life and culture. 

The second part of our trip, the southern end, was probably my favourite part.  Time truly slowed down here and the island vibes kicked in. The morning light was a magical mix of salty air and monkeys howling -- the walk over the hill to Hiriketiya bay would have dogs, and the occasional peacock, lining the streets. It was a very special part of the world to be in, and I'm so glad to share the highlights of this trip. 

I could tell you a lot about the what's, how's, why's and where's... but the best thing to do is to let the images speak for themselves. 

Below is a list of my top (probably first of many) 10 experiences while we were there.  After all, simplicity is Key, there will be many more explanations, articles and Q&A's to come, but for now enjoy the visual magic that is this tear drop island in the indian ocean


my 10 favourite things about sri lanka:

  1.  Staying at Verse Collective in Dickwella : Part coffee shop, part hostel, hotel, and co-working space. I was so relaxed here and never wanted to leave (Also their coconut lattes are the best I have ever had). 
  2. Getting the train from Matara to Colombo:  Highlight of my trip. We didn't get to do the more scenic Kandy to Ella train ride, but for AUS $1.50, it was the funnest way to get back to the airport.

  3. Surfing Hiriketiya point break : A busy break, but the walk over the hill from Dickwella at sunrise was pretty special.

  4. Spending the day on Tangalle Beach and Amanwella Resort : Probably the best beach I have every been to, and the most dramatic infinity pool I have ever been seen

  5. Walking along the train tracks in the afternoon

  6. Coffee at Ceylon Sliders : You may have seen these guys sprawled all over social media, coffee, longboards and cool people in tow. I had to check it out -- coffee was legit, along with the cool people and the great vibes.

  7. Staying at The Kip in Ahangama : I cannot rave enough about the kindness of the owners of this beautiful Air Bnb. So welcoming and helpful (Phoebe is an Aussie and will give you all the good tips around Ahangama!)

  8. Taking photos of stray dogs in Portrait Mode, then patting said dogs for hours

  9. Surfing every sunrise with Scotty, in particular Kabalana A-Frame: Surfing t'ill my arms were noodles and my eyes would sting from the salt water -- that was all I wanted on this trip. Mission accomplished. 

  10. Finding Palm Tree Hill in Mirissa : Stumbled across what was pretty much the coolest palm tree filled hill I have ever seen, overlooking Mirissa bay.