You Have My Attention


Mother Earth,

You have my attention

As I dig my feet in the mud. As I navigate these rocks, the slippery sheen of green moss gathered from the sprinkling of your tears, I feel connected.

You have my attention,

As if reminding me of what a humble space I take up in your home.

Sitting in your presence, I watch in awe, as the leaves and rocks marry to your beating heart. The wind dances to your eternal movements. In the light, all that is living, surrenders to your power. 

 The sheer rage of your presence;

 elegant, brave, graceful,

radiates through my skin. 


You have my attention.

As I edge closer to you, the vibrations of your existence, of your true nature, envelop me. 

My knees shake, as I stand to look up at you. I am closer than I have ever been before, my eyes distorting a vision that I believed to be true. You make me question my reality.

I could watch your tears forever. Not a trickle, but a powerful, loud rush.

As if all the emotions of humanity were revealed within you.

You are unique, yet I clearly see myself in your creation.

For in all your power, Mother Nature, you are womanly, you are female.

You understand, with simple poise, what it means to roam this earth. 

You have my attention.

My timeless gratitude. 

My eternal devotion. 


Some experiences can only be described through prose. 

Sometime words in their simplest form are not enough to express something that resonates so deeply with your inspiration. Your creativity thrives on moments like these, when your external world has such a strong hold on how it creates your vision. I could tell you about where this was, how I got there, and how to find it. But I would much rather share the emotions of my internal compass. What I truly felt in this very image, the powerful moment where I became attuned to my finite, fleeting existence. 

Some people came here for the instagram shot and left. I stayed for words that were created in my mind. The emotions that were running through, the surge of inspiration I had been lacking for a while. 

I stayed for what felt like hours, marveling, staring, contemplating a life force surging through this almost mystical cave.