The Bali Guide : Bukit, Canggu, Ubud

Bali, I know sometimes you get a bad rap. They say you’re too crowded, saturated, dirty, polluted, stripped from your natural beauty. While some of this is sadly true, there is a spirit about you and around you, carried by your people with their infinite kindness. Your traditions, smells, sights and sounds, your craziness is everything, all at once.

To me, you are still beautiful, whimsical, incredibly fun in all your chaos. Terima kasih for all the creative spirit you bring. All the crazy adventures you hold. The incredible waves you let us ride. I’m leaving a little piece of my heart with you, always to return.

So Here We Go

No frills, no bullshit, just some of the places Scott and I stayed at, enjoyed, ate, surfed and stretched.  While we did go to some other lesser known locations, I thought I'd just put the main hubs in. Some of these places you may already know and love, others you can keep in mind for your next trip.

Bukit : Bingin/Uluwatu


Hurry Slowly : Quite possibly my favourite place on earth. The owners are legends and this place is a beautiful little secret on the cliff. I was lucky enough to have met Dave, the owner, in the surf last year, which is why I know of this place that isn't advertised anywhere. Best chance encouter I've ever had. 

Romeo Homestay: Super affordable and right next door. The Balinese owners are lovely.

** There is a homestay right behind Romeo's called Shankara. While they don't have a website or advertise, it is an incredible garden with about 5 little houses. 40$ a night (Picture above with scotty). Just walk on in and ask. 

Yoga Searcher Bali : This one's in Uluwatu but vibes are so chill and if you're a yogi you'll appreciate the studio!


Cashew Tree: Best healthy breakfast, lunch and hangout.

Yeye's : Best overall value for money, great atmosphere for dinner.

Casia Asia : Best Pizza

Rolling Fork: Best Pasta . 

Outside Corner: If you have a massive appetite for breakfast, go here. 

Bukit Cafe : Where the cool kids go.

Single Fin: For the view -- but if you want a Nasi Goreng, the downstairs warungs do just as good for way cheaper, but these guys take the cake for best Sunday Session. 


Get a Bintang at Sunset Point

Have a Sunday Session at Single Fin (or Wednesday)

Do a yoga class at Yoga Searcher 

Chill out at Cashew Tree (Thursday nights are fun!)

Surf Bingin -- On a high tide, small swell, if you're a beginner 

Make it to Thomas Beach (between Padang Padang and Uluwatu) 



Namastay, a little hostel in the hub of town but nestled in a quiet backstreet. All the TVs have Netflix and really good wifi -- just don't stay for breakfast. 22$/night. 

We knew we would only be in Ubud for a couple of nights, and weren't too fussed about our accomodation since we would be spending time outside for the most part. Unless you're backpacking, it isn't the fanciest option, and there are far better places to stay in Ubud, which you can look up anywhere. 

Clear Cafe: Massive menu and good value. Amazing Smoothies and the entrance is really fun porthole you walk through.

Mudra: Massive breakfast and great vibes. The owners also own one of my favourite surf brands; Makara

Rouge Lounge & Sushi : We were craving sushi, and this place is unreal and suprisingly cheap. 

The Ubudian Cafe : We only discovered this on our last day and I wish we'd come sooner! There's a nice pool at the back and it's great to sit down and chill for the afternoon.


Hike Mt. Batur at sunrise -- if you haven't already. It was my first time and even though it was full of tourists, it ended up being  a really fun night/day.

Go find your own waterfall, and don't be afraid to get lost -- just like this one

Hire a scooter and find your own rice paddy fields (Tegallalang is highly overrated) 



Canggu is  a very fun place to cafe hop, shop, longboard (swell permitting) and meet some fun people. 

You can also get really good advice on where to eat/sleep/drink/party at


Villa Nosara on Air Bnb : is perfection. Tucked away in a quiet street but still in the center of town. 

Red Salt Bali in Pererenan have the best huts in the world. Seriously. 


Fabricca Pizza : Best pizza. Hands Down. 

Crate Cafe : Seriously epic Breakfast/smoothies/everything.

Shady Shack : Vibes. Vibes. Vibes.

Bali Buda : Their menus are printed in a newspaper and their food is great. Win-Win. 


Go to Konkrete, check out the skate ramp and if you're lucky and they have an event on, stick around for that -- coolest crowd you will ever see

Surf Echo Beach/Batu Bolong

Yoga at Samadi Bali

A little bit of shopping/bartering at the markets -- Canggu has some serious style. 

Strike up a conversation with the locals. You might just learn something. 

Drinks at Old Man's, The Lawn, or La Brisa.


P.S While we didn't stay in Seminyak so I've left it out of this list, if you're looking for one of the funnest nights ever, head to Motel Mexicola (No news there, unless you've never been). Be sure to book a table for 8-8.30 as the party kicks off around 9. You will be pleasantly suprised at the good vibes in this place. Just make sure to bring your dancing shoes.