Roxy just came out with your essential summer wardrobe


Iconic designs, surf-ready gear, staple dresses and a ‘summer-is-finally-here’ vibe. How can you not love the legendary brand that is Roxy? We’ve not-so-secretly always wanted to be that Roxy girl, the one who sweats the ocean and leaves a trail of sand where ever she goes (to quote my favourite beach babe, Gold Fish Kiss) . Their newest Spring/Summer Collection “Tropical Constellations” is promising to turn us into that ultimate surfer babe.

A dress, a Bikini, and a Spring Suit. I say we’re ready for some salt, sand and waves.

True to their “Make Waves Move Mountains” motto, Roxy’s designs are the right balance of girly with a side of tom-boy, so you can go from the surf to the beach bar in one swift outfit change.

I took their latest springsuit with me up to my favourite surf spot, Cabarita, on the Gold Coast.

I LOVED The finer details of the designs (like the see through mesh part between the ribs of the spring suit). Mixed in with a subtle floral pattern, the classic, black rash guard material makes it the ultimate surfer chick’s go-to. I had fun surfing Rainbow Bay’s fun rights and got to run around in their equally cool, equally comfy bikini after.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Roxy. For someone who wear bikinis day-in, day-out, — even as underwear (hey, you can never be too prepared)— I have always trusted that Roxy bikinis are made with a true beach girl in mind. One who loves to get involved, roll around in the sand, catch the waves and keep up with the boys.

Dress is the Ubud Walk Tie-Front Printed Maxi Dress . The knot is elegantly seperated from the skirt, leaving just a little skin and keeping things breezy and tropical.

White with tropical patterns is just the amount of floral for me — I’ve never been one to go overboard on the frills, but this dress and bikini I could confidently rock.
Flexible, breathable and stylish. Springsuits are essential to a surf girl’s arsenal. I’m proud to be able to surf like a girl, and look like one too.
Roxy Summer Collection 2019

Stay Salty, Stay Sandy

No Shoes No Worries