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For the past few weeks, I’ve thought long and hard about growing this little blog into a platform. A platform for everyone to be able to express and communicate the things they are passionate about. True to the No Shoes No Worries lifestyle, you’re all salty souls with a heart at sea, wondering, exploring, stretching. And I am so wholeheartedly grateful for this community.

Throughout the past 2 years, this blog has become my happy place, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to receive messages from you saying how it’s inspired you in some little way.

For this — thank you.

The purpose of No Shoes No Worries is to ignite a fearless, creative, beautiful life of passion & adventure. Photographers, Creatives, Writers, Surfers, Yogis, Travel Bugs, Wanderers, Life Lovers. All of you are an intrinsic part of this blog.

I want to make this about you. You & Your Journey. Your Salty Talk.

Photo by Lucy Douglas/Something Aesthetic for Katie Rose Jewellery

Photo by Lucy Douglas/Something Aesthetic for Katie Rose Jewellery

It stings at first. And then it seeps into your skin.

Raw, it lingers. 

You’re drawn to it’s rough edges, it’s familiarity. 

You are speaking the truth, your truth.

It may not be all pretty, in fact, its got some grit to it. 

But that’s the way it lands. Savage. On the sand, on your mat, on your feet. In the sea. Perfectly imprecise. 

It’s a margarita, or the sun on your skin. The aftermath of sea crystals and boundless energy. A dwelling conversation, dedicated to your soul. 

Salty Conversations start here, 

Destination unknown.

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