No Shoes No Worries X First Base

Sometimes I get my dirty little feet off the beach and venture out to the city. When I do though, it's for a good reason. And this was one of them. 

The amazing team over at First Base invited me over to their Headquarters for a little Q&A about No Shoes No Worries, and a rooftop shoot to try out their latest gear.  I was told there would be no Hair & Makeup, no fuss and that I could pretty much roam free.

So basically, my favourite kind of shoots.  Naturally, I said yes.

Not to mention, it was being shot by the the visionary Jody Pachniuk @jodypachniuk. Yup. Enough said.


 The best part? My beautiful, talented friend Hannah Thatcher  was the stylist which made me oh-so happy to be working with friends (If you need a freelance stylist -- she's seriously your gal). The reason why this is special is because Hannah and I first met a few years ago when we were both waitressing/hosting in restaurants. Picking up dirty plates, doing our dues to get the bills paid and fund the dreams. It's amazing to see how we both had  goals and worked towards them, and somehow have crossed paths again along the way.

I love moments like that. 

Good vibes, amazing creatives, and most importantly, comfortable clothing. I can 100% recommend First Base for hanging out on rooftops, jumping on couches, and maybe even a full blown yoga flow. I mean, come on, how else am I ever going to look this bad-ass?

It's possible these guys were actually a little too cool for me. So how I ended up on their rooftop, talking to them about No Shoes No Worries and my most basic, irrational fears -- I really don't know. So before they realise that I'm actually just a beach bum writing her heart out on this blog, head on over the Q&A before they realise what they've done! 

You can find out about my irrational fears and read the Full Q&A HERE

You can also peak at some BTS and full edit shots down here. Enjoy!