Intuition takes me there

There’s a song by John Lennon called Intuition, and I’ve been singing it a lot to myself lately. I heard it a lot as a kid, my dad being a music lover and an avid geek of all things stereo and hi-fi (He would blast it through the house, and we never got along with the neighbours).
Aside from the fact that it always puts a smile on my face, it serves as my mantra.   

   As I write this listening to that very song, sitting on the floor of my crummy balcony amongst all my drying laundry, I can’t help but feel the surge of inspiration and excitement as I write down my thoughts. It flows from my brain down into my fingertips, and sometimes I can’t type fast enough.
The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. That’s what happens to me when I write: I just do it.

Trust your instincts, And let them take you for a ride.

The other day a good friend of mine told me about how we question ourselves when things come too easy for us. We think we’re doing it wrong, that in order to deserve anything worth having, we must struggle.  Granted, some things do require a bit of effort to attain. But the things we are passionate about, the gifts we inherently have, those come naturally to us. And we should all welcome them with open arms. You know when you overthink something you would do better not really thinking about? When you just let your brain and body move for you? That's intuition. And you should trust it.

Slowly but surely, and thanks to my friend, that’s what I’ve been doing.



“Intuition takes me there.

Intuition takes me everywhere.” - John Lennon

Almost 4 years ago now I moved to Australia. Alone, I ventured off half way across the world. I felt deep down that something was there for me. I never really questioned it, it was too deep to surface. It wasn't easy, either. But somehow I knew it would work out. 

Sometimes we just act and do the things we know are right for us. It can be quitting a job that doesn’t feel right, creating that great idea you had, or making a connection with someone you get good vibes from. Or maybe you move half way across the world.

Whatever it is, trust your instincts.  Our bodies talk to us about things we inherently know. And that’s why John was a genius in every way. If you’ve never heard the song, it’s totally worth the listen. (For your listening pleasure, see below)