A Girl Named Rowie


All Photography by Mark Morgan @mxmsurfphotos

Spring has sprung and if you’re anything like me, this means lighter clothing, bigger smiles and more time outdoors.  It comes as a no brainer that what you wear should feel like you can move anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re relaxing or running errands, the clothes you’re in should be worn effortlessly while maintaining a feminine touch. It’s that very sense of freedom that transcends through the grace of being woman: Ethereal, bold, vibrant and elegant.

 a name on the tip of everybody’s tongue:

Rowie THe Label

Meet Rowie. You may have seen her beautifully crafted knits all over my feed, or the signature jumpsuits on every creative free spirit in Australia, from Byron Bay to Perth. Through her designs and the lifestyle she emulate, Rowie The Label is everyone’s year-round low-key obsession.

From the 'gram...

Wearing the Lena Jumper and Jaybird Jumpsuit


These classic pieces have an earthy texture that is perfect for layering or wearing just as is. They’re the kind of pieces you see everywhere without even realizing it. You can wear them anytime, rain, hail or shine.

Clear Your Closets, She's taking over

The creation of free spirited Rowie Moore, the designs offer a style that is both relaxed, functional and contemporary. The pieces not only emulate the look and feel of freedom, careless elegance and bold femininity, but an elusive style reminiscent of the charm of a coastal town like Byron Bay.  

Whether you’re traveling through the desert or painting away in an art studio, Rowie’s uncomplicated, effortless style has you covered. The best part? It’s the kind of laid back vibes that doesn’t require shoes – which immediately gets my all-round tick of approval.  

The Lena jumper is definitely my favourite and has become a staple in my closet. . It doubles as the perfect cover up for everything from Yoga to the Beach, and everything in between!



You can check out all their designs at rowiethelabel.com

Wearing the Alushia Mini Rose Quartz and Bella Cardi Snow