The Power of A Good Wetsuit


There’s something about the power of a good wetsuit when you head out to the water. Whether you’re surfing, snorkeling, spear fishing, or just going for a swim in somewhat questionable temperatures, the gear you’re wearing does a lot for your comfort in and out the ocean.

All images shot by Mark Morgan of @mxmsurfphoto

Sure, there’s sun protection, temperature control, performance and so many other things to keep in mind when it comes to the functional aspects of a wetsuit. Being of the female kind, it’s no secret the way it looks is as important as the way it feels.

The confidence spike you get when you suit up is fundamental to your performance, whether you’re a total beginner or a long timer shredder, swimmer, snorkeler.

Confidence is key. Style is fundamental. Performance is essential.

Wearing the Tundra Zip Rashie and Tundra Tiger Bottoms

The wetsuit you gear up before hitting the surf adds a whole other twist to your surf mojo. Granted, it may be winter now and the full steamers are still required, but on the warmer days it’s nice to get the spring suit out and brave the cold. If you can’t afford a cup of coffee, consider this your free wake up call.

Gone are the days when female surfers would have to wear men’s designs. Thanks in part to greats like Lisa Andersen and her work for Roxy, the female surf industry has basically exploded into what it is now, a multi-billion-dollar empire.  

Like it or not, it’s great to know girls can shred and still look amazing while doing it. And shred you will, with the right equipment.


My wetsuit, my vibe.

One of my favorite ways to get a head start on the day -- or even finish it on a high-- is to hit the surf. It sets me up for a productive, mentally clear morning, as if the ocean were my endless source of energy in a giant bathtub.

Tigerlily may be contributing to the shred factor, having done it again with their seamless designs and flawless aesthetic. These guys are my jam at the moment, I love the look and feel of their new range of wetsuits. If you’re like me and love a good bikini, but know very well they’re not exactly wearable in the surf, consider this your hallelujah.

Tigerlily never really offered surf-able options in the past, but the latest collection is a new take for the girls who love the brand’s wrap dresses and boho vibes, yet still want the same style in the water.

It’s no secret they know a thing or two about lycra and neoprene. Wetsuits are a natural transition into the athleisure world. 

The feel is smooth, the fit, secure. I know I can paddle out, splash around, duck, roll and wipe out in total freedom. No wedgie, no nip slip. What more can you ask for? All requirements have been checked. Surf's up! 

All images shot by Mark Morgan @mxmsurfphoto