Consider this sustainable (and no nip-slip) surf bikini for your next adventure


I think I’m going to live on a boat one day. Don’t get me wrong, land is awesome, but boats are something else. They’re fun and unpredictable, and require a minimalistic approach to life. Gone are the days of needing “things” for the sake of having them.

I sort of fell in love with this mentality of less-is-more (not to mention it also coincided with the 7kg hand luggage policy over at Jetstar. Avoiding check-in luggage at all costs is a quirk of mine).

Before going on my Whitsundays trip I was very clearly told “We’re on a boat, space is limited, so bring only what you can carry”.

Enter : The perfect, sustainable solution

Good thing for me, my boat trip around the Whitsundays was one that I am glad to say required little to no clothing. Yet another reason why I will probably never go on a skiing holiday.

And while I think we Salt Sisters all stand pretty clear on our feelings of wardrobe-malfunctions-in-the-surf (sigh, inevitable), I know you stand by me when I say I appreciate the quality of a bikini that stays on, lasts more then a few snorkel trips and duck dives, and gives a little back to our love for mama ocean.

hello, Zimzala. It seems we have never met before, but I’ve fallen in love.

Give me a detailed, sexy crochet back and I’m already sold. Zimzala Swim is a label made by the ultimate adventure queen and boat-living gal, Kendall Ciraldo.

Kendall is very much a No Shoes No Worries gal, someone who is always in the action, who gets involved, rather then sitting by the sidelines, watching it all unfold.

And that’s exactly what I loved about this brand.

Inspired by a life at sea, working on boats of all shapes and sizes, Kendall spent her time collecting data, taking on water activities such as free diving and surfing, all while constantly digging out that oh-so-sexy wedgie that made its way under her wetsuits.

Ladies, I know we’ve all been there.

Which is why Kendall came up with idea of designing a piece of swimwear that wouldn’t embarrass us all at the end of the day. In fact, we’d be hella proud of it, and the good it does.


Two important words : ECONYL Fabric.

Yup, that’s the stuff that makes fibre out of 100% regenerated, recycled plastic and waste materials. And if you ask me, nowadays, that’s a bigger deal then anything. Sustainable swim is making a big impact for our oceans, and is another key ingredient to making simple choices towards a more sustainable life.

My time spent on boats was the catalyst for the most important aspect; that the bikinis are all made from recycled ocean waste. We visited some of the most remote places on Earth and the waste in the ocean was heartbreaking. We actually rescued a turtle trapped in ghost fishing nets one day and to see the devastation up close like that is an experience that will always stay with me.
— Kendall, Founder, Zimzala Swim

I’ll just add that on this trip, while wearing another bikini, I had a friend notify me of a sudden and very obvious nip-slip over lunch. My girls had somehow made it out without me so much as raising my sandwich to my mouth. Probably wouldn’t have happened if I were wearing Zimzala that day, but hey, lesson learnt.

Yet another reason why Zimzala is, as the brand clearly states, and I fully approve of:

For the Beach Girl
For the Active Girl
For the Adventurer,

I’ll even add it’s for the girl who wants to eat her lunch in a bikini without any wardrobe malfunctions.

And if you’re reading this, it’s also definitely for you.