You won’t believe how cool the new Roxy gear is …


All photography by the amazing @EllieBobbie

Beatin’ the Bali Heat

This July, I was lucky enough to beat the Bali heat with Roxy’s newest styles.

Everything came together really nicely on this trip, from the location to shooting the new range, I loved the retro vibes we got from it (in case you couldn’t tell from my many sad attempts at Vogue-ing, Madonna style). It gave Roxy’s new Sister Collection an extra cool vibe. The Sister Collection is the brain child of surf goddess Kelia Moniz and her BFF Hailey Baldwin. Together, they created a collection that reminded us of the importance of friendship, sisterhood, and being comfortable in your own skin (By the way, you can find this cool one piece here)

Shot by one of my fave Bali photographers, Ellie Bobbie, in the newly installed salty goodness that is Salty Breeze.

Chasin’ the Salty Breeze

Salty Breeze is located at the southern end of Bukit, just passed the famous Sunday’s beach club. It’s the ultimate jungle haven to shoot and hang in. From strapping the boards to the scooter and going on a wave hunt, to hanging in their beachy-chic villas, we were like kids in a big, giant Bali playground. If you find yourself around Uluwatu next time you’re in Bali, definitely give them a visit and jump in their luscious pool.

Sustainability is sexy : 100 % Regenerated Nylon

If there’s one thing I love, it’s injecting some much needed bright, poppy colours in the lineup. On top of their new designs and fun colours, you’ll find that they kept true to their signature she-shredder style. Complete with your favourite POP surf pieces, they deliver once again with an extra bang’ for your sustainable buck (there’s about 25 plastic bottles per wetsuits recycled in these babies).

It’s really cool to see brands like Roxy taking the sustainable, eco-friendly route by showing that small steps towards plastic free is most definitely achievable on any scale. You can read all about their new goals towards greener manufacturing methods (they save about 104L of water resources per kg of fabric), not to mention the fact that they’ve partnered up with Surf Rider Foundation on their web page.

There really are simple ways to say no to plastic. The POP Collection being exhibit A. I mean, you know it’s going to be a good day if the toughest decisions you’re faced with are:

a) what board to surf with
b) what bikini to wear

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Lucky for me Roxy make it that little bit easier.

Andrea Kovszun