Brains over beauty : My thoughts on body confidence


People often ask me how I’m so confident in my own skin, and where that came from, and it’s because for a long time, I’ve focused on growing confident in my head.

I’ve modelled for almost half my life and being in front of the camera is something I’ve grown up with and learnt the skills around. Although I use to mostly reject it — never wanting to fully admit that that was something I could do or who I was— I’ve now learnt to embrace it. Yes, I model. And no, it doesn’t define me or my achievements.

Because it doesn’t matter your body shape or size, as long as you have a brain and heart to support you. Whether you have small boobies, big boobies, great legs, short legs, fantastic hair or just a few gangly locks, it’s how you rock your entire being that counts. How you show up every day for yourself, what’s inside your head, what thoughts you share, the things you create, how you help others.

At the end of the day, people want to be with you for who you are and how you make them feel, not what you look like. Otherwise it’s just “congratulations on your face” (as the meme goes).

It’s always been something I felt strongly about, and I guess I felt the need to share for those of us who feel a little bit caught up in the vortex of the highlight reel. Remember that who you are, how your thoughts and brain work, is far more important than any perfectly curated image, face or body.