Need Moisturiser? No Worries. Dr.Roebucks has you covered and gets my salty, sandy tick of approval


From the yoga mat to the surfboard, the No Shoes No Worries lifestyle stays true to its name. A no fuss, uncomplicated, all natural approach to life. When I look at products or brands to use in my everyday, I always keep that kind of simplicity in mind.

It’s no secret the salty, stretchy, sunny life is one filled with a bit of sand and sun exposure, two things my face and skin sometimes need to recover from. Dr.Roebucks has been with me and my daily skin routine for a while now, and the Aussie brand knows exactly what I mean when I say “no fuss” and “all natural”.

So grab your avo toast and vegemite, head to the beach for a surf check and stretch while you’re at it, because I’m about to give you an all-Aussie review for this well established, multi effective skin care line that just screams LEGENDARY.

Since my salty musings with all round rad chicks Felicity Palmateer and Cait Miers , not to mention a feature in VOGUE, all the way to my day-to-day skin care routine, Dr.Roebucks has been with me for quite a few face masks and hydrating serums.

“minimal ingredients, Maximum Results”

Whenever I travel, I like to keep things under 100ml and with a very high hydration factor, because airplanes, sea salt and sunshine seldom go together with bright, youthful, plump looking skin.

No Worries is actually one of my all-time favourite moisturisers. I can really layer it on for a thicker consistency, which I love for nighttime since your skin regenerates and absorbs better when you’re sleeping. It feels amazing on my skin, not to mention on flights where my face tends to dry up 10x faster. There’s a hint of lavender when you apply it, making it extremely soothing. It’s also infused with vitamin E, rose hip oil, hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil that softens and rejuvenates. In other words, it’s basically one happy spa session for my face, in one application.

Serum-iously Awesome

I was never a big believer in serums but ever since my skin started getting really dry and tight after spending so much time in the sun and surf, I really grew to appreciate it as an integral part of nurturing my skin.

Lately my routine has been something like this :

  • Wash my face with Byron to get the makeup/zinc off (my go to, love the minty freshness! Can also double as face mask but if I’m in a hurry I’ll just scrub and rinse) .

  • I then apply True Blue Ultimate Hydrating Serum, or sometimes even Perky Collagen Boosting Serum, which my skin can freshly absorb after cleansing.

  • No Worries Moisturiser, which I love and could seriously just apply over and over again. My face sends me thank you notes.

  • As a bonus, I’ve recently started using the “Down Under” eye cream. I usually like to keep my routine super simple but I’m really liking the added boost of the eye cream on the delicate part of my under eye. The coconut and caffeine really come through in the texture.

Bondi Hydrating Mist is also a really fun, on-the-go moisturiser you can use wherever and whenever if you need a nice refreshing spritz. I.E after this shoot to get all the sand off my face!

All in all, aligning with a brand that acknowledges my lifestyle and aligns with my values of all natural, no fuss simplicity, is something really important. In both ingredients and life, Dr.Roebucks strives to capture what No Shoes No Worries is all about. Enjoying life, soaking in the sun, the good vibes, not letting the small things get to you and making yourself and wellbeing a priority on a day to day basis.