A jewellery collection inspired by the unpredictability of life


I’ve always been a lover of jewellery. I was the girl at school with about 5 necklaces around her neck, and 10 bracelets on each arm.
While beads, shells and sparkles were once a thing (actually, they still are, aren’t they?), as I got older, my taste got refined. More importantly, I started looking into jewellery with more of a back story and soul to it’s craft. Which is why on my latest trip to Hawaii, I had the pleasure of taking with me a brand I have worked with before, and whose creations are the essence of story telling through art.


Inspired by beautiful chaos : “Neptune”

You might remember the name Katie Rose, we did this epic shoot together a few years ago now.

All images by Lia Turiano

Her new pieces added some much appreciated bling to my adventure filled days.

Custom made to tell your Tale

What I love about Katie’s jewellery — and this is something I noticed right from the first time I worked with her, is her ability to custom make pieces that tell a story. And since telling stories is one of my favourite things to do, I really appreciated the thought and consideration that goes behind every beautiful crafted piece of Katie’s.

Her forte lies in making custom wedding and engagement rings, but that isn’t only where her talent lies.

Katie’s pieces are slow fashion and made using sustainable practices, with recycled silver and gold, as well as ethically sourced precious and semi precious gemstones. Each piece is handmade using solid metals and are made to last a life-time. 

Her poetic way of working with diamonds reminds me of the intricate way our constellations and stars are made. With a chaotic, beautiful bang, yet perfectly curated.

The magic behind her newest “Neptune” collection is inspired by the movement of the ocean. Unpredictable, shapeless, flowing.

For me the ocean is a place of inspiration, calmness & peace, yet remains beautifully chaotic. I wanted this range to represent that, a slight formlessness within the pieces, as does the ocean. With no solid structure in place, unbound by rules yet where everything still flows and works. This is how I want women to feel when wearing the pieces, as a reflection of life. Things don’t have to be as they are expected to be, it’s your own journey and you should continue to go in the direction you flow.
— Katie Rose

The seemingly eclectic way some of the crystals and jewels are placed evoke the serendipitous and unexpected moments we tend to have in life. Embracing them in all their beauty and wearing them proudly.

“The ocean puts everything — life— into perspective. I wanted to create pieces which women would wear and feel that sense of being, being apart of something bigger something special in this big beautiful world” added Katie, “I also feel like the ocean is this big inspiration pool, where I can throw in an idea or creative thought, it swirls it around and expands it for me”

Katie's ability to listen, craft and envision a piece that reflects not only a relationship but a way of living is something that continuously amazes me. Like an artist, she hammers, moulds, guides and transcends the very essence of what makes a piece of jewellery magic and deeply personal.

Read more about Katie and her pieces at katierosejewellery.com