Spindrift Collections, the jewellery brand that surfed with me through the Mentawais


Need I introduce you the pieces I have been wearing religiously, from The Whitsundays to the Mentawais, across oceans and sandy shorelines around the globe? Allow me to open your eyes (and hearts) to a brand I have grown very close to:

meet: Spindrift Collections

The jewellery line that any surfing, snowboarding, travelling, yogi needs in her arsenal of must-have bling.

You may have spotted these delicate pieces of silver and sand glass, intricately woven around my fingers, wrists, ankles and neck lately, and for good reason.

Feature image and above by Shannon Cavarocchi @shannnoncav

Feature image and above by Shannon Cavarocchi @shannnoncav

They feel like a second skin

For one, they’re brilliant. Silver has always been my favourite and while I like to change it up with gold every now and again, I love the look of silver rings mixed with the blue hues of polished sand glass. It feels natural, ethereal even, something I can wear that feels like a natural extension to my skin and the environment around me.

Secondly, they last. Yep. The reason I take it on all my surf trips? No tarnishing, breaking, chipping or anything remotely damaging can happen to these babies. And for someone who is always moving around and using her hands, I like to know that nothing is going to break or scratch while I’m doing it.

Spindrift was made with the ultimate adventure gal at heart.

The free spirit with a love of movement, whether it be in the mountains, the oceans, on your yoga mat or through dirt tracks. Each piece was sculpted with a piece of nature in mind, that distinctive “rush” we get from being on an adventure, the promise of another sunrise, the exhilaration of discovering somewhere new for the first time. In doing so, their pieces encourage women to live boldly, going for whatever new endeavour they set their hearts to and finding new trails to follow along the way.

It’s no wonder Spindrift aligns so well with No Shoes No Worries. They encompass a sense of wonder, the feeling of being barefoot, and most importantly, making yourself and your dreams your #1 priority. You can tell in every piece that was shaped, in every ring that was melted into waves, that their love for nature and the outdoors is what Spindrift is all about. They uplift, inspire, and motivate us to travel more, use less and live simply. Concepts I wholeheartedly standby.

And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.

I want every women to be connected to this feeling when they wear Spindrift Collections. Even on days when they are stuck in an office. I want them to feel connected to the ocean, the mountains and that feeling of wanderlust for places yet to explore. I want them to feel empowered to follow their dreams and feel this amazing connection to all the other Spindrifters around the world, treading their own unique path. 

— Tasha Wakefield, Founder of Spindrift Collections

Sustainability is at the heart of their designs

The best part about Spindrift Collections, apart from seriously up-levelling my beach style, is their dedication to our planet. Although a small company, they have a big vision for our future. Every piece is consciously sourced and crafted from recycled silver, paired with naturally smoothed out sea glass that remains almost un modified from when it’s first found.

Spindrift are a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they give back to not-for-profits that focus on protecting and conserving our environment.

In taking on these conscious efforts, they bring value to our lifestyle by showing us that small, achievable efforts are possible on the daily. It simply boils down to making better, informed choices, rather then blindly buying as if on autopilot.

Their Manifesto

So I guess you could say Spindrift are more then just a jewellery brand, they’re a movement. Through their unique craft, Spindrift is showing us not only a way of life, filled with the prospect of adventure, but a reminder to live more purposefully and intentionally.

Spindrift’s Motto and Manifesto by Tasha Wakefield

Spindrift’s Motto and Manifesto by Tasha Wakefield

If you want to find out more about Spindrift Collections and their efforts for the environment, you can check them out here :


What’s more, they love sharing with like minded free spirits and adventurers, so you can use the code NOSHOES at checkout for 15% off.