The Upside X No Shoes No Worries : Yoga Gear Review of their new collection


And so we’ve done it again. A stunning collaboration between No Shoes No Worries, Lucy Douglas and The Upside.

Yet again, I’m so damn proud of the vision we’ve created. Although it took more then one pre-sunrise wakeup to discover that the weather was, in fact, not cooperating (try waking up at 5am with a face full of makeup only to realise the sun is hiding behind a thick layer of grey clouds), we did manage to make the most of it and create some magic, which Lucy delivered like a pro, as always.

Your classic favourites, only better

The upside’s new collection builds upon the boldness, style and functionality of our previous story, only this time with more drama, more flair and a heavy dose of comfort. Something I feel these shots evoke in a single, stunning snap. Thanks to the magical eye of Something Aesthetic’s Lucy Douglas. As far as working with photographers go, Lucy is one of my all time favourite. Her simplicity, practicality and ability to think on her feet is something I cherish deeply. I mean, she could make a pine cone look sexy.

Keeping it local

We kept it local by running around our backyard of the northern beaches. We’re extremely fortunate that Sydney has such a dramatic coastline, it makes for great texture in the shots, and paired with the gear’s bold prints, you just can’t go wrong. I couldn’t resist testing out the new yoga pants with a few stretches and moves along the way. True to it’s signature style, it ticked all the flexibility and breathability boxes. Good for the next sweaty vinyasa class? Check. Sunday stroll along the coast? Double check. The Upside hit the bullseye again, and the comfort levels are most definitely high.