Salty Talks with: Sarah from Salty Luxe



Meet Sarah.

Although she needs little to no introduction, this effervescent, hardworking, sunshine-filled creative has a keen eye for travel and photography. You may have seen her ridiculously stunning photos all over Instagram. She’s the salty soul behind Salty Luxe, a tropical, luxury travel blog. Her style is instantly recognisable; a beautiful balance of luxury, tropical destinations, aspirational lifestyle and down to earth good vibes. Sarah’s lifestyle and blog does more then just inspire the wanderlust in all of us. Through documenting her journey, she also shares the many milestones, dedication and perseverance it took to build her own dream life. Lucky for us, she took the time to have a salty chat and share her story with No Shoes No Worries.

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1.    Could you tell us a little bit about life before Salty Luxe, and what made you want to follow your passion, finally give up your 9-5 and live the creative life?

Travel has always brought so much love & perspective into my life. It absolutely feeds my soul & creativity! I’ve always been very into photography and creating stories so moving into this career feels like destiny.

Prior to this, I worked for an International Charity the ‘Cancer Council’ (which raises money in the defeat of all cancers!), something I loved SO much (I organised events like Daffodil Day, Pink Ribbon Day etc for over 6 years) but it wasn’t THE ONE. I knew it was out there & after slogging it out with this role, as well as building Salty, I was able to move into my current role full time in 2018.

2.    It takes dedication and persistence to create your dream job. When you first started out, how did you stay confident with your work and everyday goals?

 No statement could ever be truer. Dream jobs are incredibly challenging to get into & to be honest, dream jobs are tough to succeed in. This is particularly true when you have your own business & you launch something that needs all of your time, while you try to juggle family / friend commitments, your own expectations, money & all the things that come with life & building something you love!

Don’t get me wrong, its possible, anyone can do it (if you have the love for it & are good at it – you HAVE to be good at it – anything is possible!). DEDICATION, GENUINE LOVE FOR WHAT YOU DO & PERSERVERANCE, I would say are the keys to it all.

3.    You’re a talented, self-taught photographer and videographer/youtuber. How did you develop your skills and photography style to that distinctive “Salty Luxe” vibe you have today and what advice would you give budding creatives who want to learn?

Thank you! It means the world, truly. All I ever wanted to do was to create something that would make people feel something, inspire them & spread joy along the way.

Create your own style! Don’t be afraid to change your mind (I did along the way) & just do your thing. Turn your blinders on and stop looking at what other people are doing, go within & channel what feels right for you!

4.    What are some key things you’ve learnt from the people and locations you have worked with?  

I used to be SO nervous when I worked with other creatives – the biggest thing I can share is that everyone is HUMAN & doing their best. Everyone who has ever achieved something has worked hard for it & so can you! 💪

The more opportunities I very gratefully receive, the more I realise how small the world is & how things can be achieved if we simply set our minds to it, we are the only ones standing in the way of our true potential. Don’t put things on a pedestal, just go for it!

5.    Any fun and exciting projects for 2019?

 OHHHHHHHH YES. We will be sharing a full VLOG on this soon :)

6.    Your audience and following has grown rapidly in the last couple of years since starting Salty Luxe. What do you think has been the secret to your success thus far in your career?

We started SALTY 2.5 years ago & it is truly incredible to see how far we have come. I always find it super valuable, nourishing & inspiring to look back on how things have changed (be it our editing stye, my confidence, the way Chesh & I have grown together as a couple & team etc…).  

I think the key to our success so far is authenticity & gratitude – I genuinely have the best tribe / community in the entire world – I feel like we are so lucky to have been part of cultivating something so positive – I could actually cry. Forever grateful for the opportunities the universe has bestowed upon us & look forward to working even harder in the years to come.


7.    You’re one of those  women that see value in themselves, and share it with the world.  It’s rare and refreshing, and also a turning point for women in the age of digital businesses and social media. Through your art, you share something good, something beautiful, and something to nurture other women.  What are you striving for in the work that you do? 

WOW, thank you, again. So happy to hear these words. So humbled.

 I strive to inspire, motivate & create genuine joy in people (& our lives).

8.    What advice would you give creatives who are starting out, have a strong passion but are not sure whether to trust their gut and follow through?



Quick Questions:  

  • Favourite Insta account:
    I love @earthyandy & @chelseakuai

  • Favourite beach in Australia:
    Tallows Beach, Byron Bay

  • Favorite emoji is: 🌞

  • Biggest highlight of my career so far:  
    Probably having the opportunity to take family members & friends with me on trips & spoil the hell out of them because they deserve it, they got me here 🙌🏽

  • Best advice ever given was
    Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

  • Go to Cocktail:  
    Negroni & Spicy Margarita

  • Song I am obsessed with at the moment:  
    Ziggy Alberts everythaaaang

  • Next dream destination:
    Peru (hint – we are going!)

  • Never leave home without:
    A camera