An Exclusive look into Cait Miers' all girls-surf photography workshop "The Clique"


You’ve probably come across Cait’s photography in a shop window or flicking through a surf mag. Roxy, Coton On, Canon Cameras, even Vogue … maybe you even stumbled across our Salty Talks and a few of our shoots together.

The 26 year old talent from the Mornington Peninsula has made her mark in the surf & lifestyle photography realm for a few years now, and rightfully so.

Ambitious as she is bold, crafty, independent and wildly confident, Cait’s creative process is one that is laid back. A can-do, no fuss attitude that captures with great style those seemingly in-between, candid moment. Which is exactly why I love working with her. Her signature aesthetic of muted tones, white washed hues of blue and that feel-good vibe about her images makes you deep dive into her creative universe.

And now, she’s decided to share her tools, tips and how-to’s with you.

Yep, you read that right : You.

Introducing : The Clique

The Clique is a girl gang for aspiring photographers who have a passion for travel, art, life and the salty, surf lifestyle, but need a little guidance and help along the way to make those dreams happen.

I started The Clique because I felt there was a need for a creative hub for women in photography. Whether it’s just for a hobby, or aspiring professionals, I want to give women the opportunity to really follow their dreams and go after what they want in life. I grew up as a very ambitious woman, and I wanted to create a colourful life full of adventure and growth for myself, and I just went for it.

“If I can do it, you can too”

One of the many reasons why Cait is so accomplished lies in her ability to stay quietly, humbly confident. Something I really resonate with on my journey when I decided to start this blog and create a life and job for myself on my own terms. Similar to Cait, I didn’t have many connections, nor was I equipped with all the special gear that some bloggers do. But as it turns out, figuring it along the way and believing in yourself is already half of the journey.

I think my mentality behind the Clique is as simple as ‘If I can do it, you can too” Cait told me one afternoon after announcing the official release of The Clique “because I didn’t grow up with professional surfers as my best friends or in a town with warm surf or a heap of girl surfers, it was pretty much the opposite of that! But I made something of it, and used that uniqueness and point of difference to my advantage and followed it.”

To me, The Clique is so much more then just an all girls photography workshop. It’s a movement. A trail blazing, dream-building, girl-empowering message that says saying what you really, truly set out to do with your life and your career, is in your hands. Something No Shoes No Worries is all about, and what a generation of girls and creatives are slowly realising.

Be fearless, be creative, make yourself and your dreams your #1 priority.

I’m not a technical shooter,” Cait said “and I was intimidated by that at uni. For a while I thought I had to have the latest gear and be super techy on shoots. As soon as I just started shooting my way, and doing things the way I wanted too, I soon unlocked my full creative potential and all that fear just washed away”

And that’s what exactly what The Clique is setting out to do, along with the workshops and mentoring, and even, dare I say, all immersive retreats.

Which brings me a very special announcement

Have you heard? We’re Going to Sri Lanka!

Cait and I are planning a “Creative Flow” yoga and photography retreat in Sri Lanka. It’ll be a combination of everything No Shoes No Worries and The Clique are about.

Dates are 25-31 August so mark you calendars for the official release and to book your spot as soon as possible.

Andy and I have an amazing opportunity coming up in Sri Lanka later this year where we will be hosting a full creative, photography, surf and yoga workshop with Tallala Retreats. We’ll be sharing our knowledge of creative business, working for yourself, social media and more. An incredible, not to be missed opportunity for anyone wanting to learn more  about this industry and gain the confidence to really make something from it! ”
— Cait Miers

You can check out The Clique’s next workshop dates HERE

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