Talking Confidence with SurfGirl Mag


It’s always such a treat when I get to sit down and chat to my favourite mag. This time it was all about being confident. In the surf, in your everyday life, and how that feeling shows up for me whenever I’m in doubt. Below are a few snippets of the Q&A, make sure to head over to their page for the full story!

Many factors in my life have contributed to the person I’ve become today. Your confidence comes from believing you can do it, and the only way to believe you can do it, is to go out and do it! Prove it to yourself first, then others.

Sounds a bit corny, but most of the time we surprise ourselves, actually achieving things we think we’re incapable of achieving. We most definitely have the capacity to do what we really, really want in life. It might take a lot of work, but I 100% believe you can do it. A lot of the time, you end up being the only person standing in your way!

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Whenever I paddle out, I try to catch a wave within the first 5-10 mins. If I start overthinking, waiting for a wave, or paddle and pull back, that’s where my confidence starts to waiver. If I catch my first wave within moments of getting in the water, I get the pre-jitters out and an instant confidence boost. The longer the wait, the longer you have time to talk yourself out of it or think “I’m not getting any waves today”. Just GO! Be it surf conditions or a new project, I don’t want to wander “What if? What if I had tried and it actually wasn’t all that bad?”. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of regret for not having gone for it. In the surf, I’m aware of not putting myself in conditions I wouldn’t be able to handle. There’s a fine line between the fear of pushing your boundaries, and the fear of actually getting hurt. With something like the ocean, you have very little control, so I always understand my limits. Being fearful of falling or getting tumbled is always there, but in the past I’ve made sure I build up my confidence. From surfing beach breaks to reef for example, or small to medium, medium to large waves. Like I said, stop thinking, just go for it.