No Shoes No Worries in Vogue


Once in a while, you get those unexpected “pinch me” moments. And this, was definitely one of them. I woke the other morning to a friend who sent me this:

Who would’ve thought No Shoes No Worries would appear in Vogue Australia, holding none other then Dr.Roebucks’ signature “No Worries” moisturiser (comparable to wearing the most hydrating face mask in the world, without that cakey thick cream feeling. I use this all the time and trust me, your face will send you thank you notes.) — all shot by the wonderful Cait Miers?

Well for a second there, not me. Until it happened and I thought to myself “Hey, why not?”. I never actually considered or toyed with the idea of being in Vogue, and when it happened, it brought up a dream I didn’t know I had.

Moral of this story? DREAM BIG. Seriously, don’t hold yourself back, even in your head. Dream of everything that is possible, impossible, and then some. You never really know what you’re going to wake up to tomorrow.

So until our next unexpected (or shall I say, expected) kick-ass suprise, you can read about my day shooting with Felicity Palmateer and Cait Miers for the very cool Dr.Roebucks here, and also read the Vogue article here.