My after-sun skin care routine with Ella Baché


Aaaah summer. Your sunshine, waves, sand and salt are a guaranteed recipe for happiness. I don’t think I’d go a day without you, if I could. What I would go a day without, however, is dry, sun damaged skin.

Spending all this time in the sun and surf undoubtedly has it’s benefits, but when it comes to my face and neck, the harmful rays of the Australian sun are bound to do some damage, sooner rather then later.

Our skin is constantly changing. Age, diet, weather, hormones and stress are just a few things that make it hard to find the right products for your skin type. When Ella Bache suggested I try their “Double The Power With Micro” Treatment, along with with a seasonal skin diagnosis, it couldn’t have come at a better time. My face did a loud, albeit dry, sigh of relief. Where do I sign up?

Having always used their zinc and sunscreen in the surf, I was really curious to try the other (quite literally) end of the spectrum, with their evening/end of day routine.

My Skin, Your Skin : we could all use some tLC

I tend to be very unfussy — okay, a bit lazy— with my skin routine. The old wash-rinse-moisturise cycle wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. This full A-Z therapy was very much needed.

My mom, being the french goddess that she is, was always very big on sunscreen and sun protection, especially around the face. While I was fortunate enough to have inherited her good skin, I do get a few blemishes and discolouration (a combination of stubborn pimples and sun exposure) around the chin area every now and again. It’s not something that I’m embarrassed or ashamed to talk about, it’s just something I’ve accepted as a a part of being human. Like skin pigmentation. It’s inevitable, unless you spend your entire life under a rock, shaded from the sun. It’s thinly veiled beneath the surface of the skin, so you don’t always see it, but given the proper UV lighting, it can be something out of a horror movie. Well, at least mine was.

I have combination + dry skin around my nose and jaw, which makes sense with all the salt, sand, and zinc that builds up around there. Without the proper recommended cleansers and moisturisers, it sometimes feel as dry as the desert.

The Results

After the micro-dermabrasion treatment (which I highly recommend trying at least once in your life at one of their David Jones stores) and a few serums and moisturisers, I did notice an incredible difference in the pigmentation and texture of my skin. It became brighter, smoother, and felt as though it had just had it’s own really tall, luscious glass of water. Hydrated to the max. Who doesn’t love that?

And since one treatment doesn’t fix all your problems, I was recommended three easy products to take home (a number I could totally handle) to use on the daily. Consistency, after all, is key.

Here’s what I Use

The Refining Exfoliating Gel cleared away any dirt and residue that had built up during the day (zinc, although awesome, is rather thick and stays on your skin for a long time). I could physically see my skin brighter after washing it.

The Hydra Jelly Moisture Shot is just that, a shot of moisture, straight to the pores. It’s like getting face drunk on H20, my skin was that happy.

I let the serum dry for a little, then applied the Hydra Cationic Skin Elixir as the final, moisturising finish.

I trialled the products for about a week before writing this, just to really let the results sink in. And boy, did they sink in. Softer smoother skin, that feels healthy. I definitely recommend getting the Seasonal Diagnosis if you’re someone like me, who loves all the products, but likes to keep it simple and effective.

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