We Are Voyagers : Rowie The Label X No Shoes No Worries

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is not path and leave a trail
— R.W Emerson

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to work with people that are truly talented.

But where find myslef extra lucky, is the ability to work with said talented people again, on a project that puts creativity and a genuine, inspiring message to the forefront. 

What I love about working on these projects is the universe it tries to convey. The freedom of experession, the mood, the tone, the inkling of magic we try to create and put together on a visual canvas. 

Paired with the amazing hats from Fallen Broken Street, this shoot was a real treat.

Voyager is the latest line by Rowie The Label, a brand you may have heard of before, one that I've had the pleasure of working with on a previous project, A Girl Named Rowie.

Rowie The Label is so much more than just a brand. It's a lifestyle emulating femininity, elegance and an easy going rhythm of life. It's the not-fussed-but-put-together look you want first thing in the morning. It's an attitude, where the clothing complements the women who wear it, while letting their true essence come through. 

Video shot by Ripple Film


Behind The Scenes

It was one of those cold, winter mornings. We needed the soft light of sunrise, so call time was 5.30AM. Temperature : 8C + a serious wind chill.

They say being a model -- or any sort of creative professional for that matter, be it photographer, makeup artist, videographer, musician etc... --  is easy, but sometimes you find yourself in challenging situations. That's when your work ethic and professionalism come in. Everyone on the team was efficient and knew what had to be done. They made it happen with an ease and professionalism that I truly appreciate. 

 Lucy Douglas, the beautiful photographer and creator behind Something Aesthetic, was quick and knew what she wanted. Em, the makeup artist extraordinaire from EmyClare Beauty , did my makeup in the back of the car before the sun was even on the horizon. Ed, videographer of Ripple Film, was buzzing around like a quiet little bee, working his magic and filming throughout. 

Was I freezing, shivering to the bone along with everyone else? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Absolutely.  Because when you get to see the results, you're reminded of the magic you just contributed to. 


I like to think there's a voyager in all of us. We all tend to naturally have a little bit of that wanderlust, that dream of traveling the world, circling the globe with nothing but experience and memories to treasure. 

We Are Voyagers is an ode to the travellers, the wanderers, the incessant navigators. Those who explore with great enthusiasm, and will do it all over again in a heartbeat. Those whose souls light up at the idea of crossing the seas, exploring the treasure that is our earth. We are voyagers is an ode to the adventurer in every one of us. 

We Are Voyagers 

Long before we opened our eyes, we followed the horizon
Our footprints light in the shadows of the night
Our spirits yearn to explore
We roam, following the trails of desire. 

We are voyagers,
We dream in colours borrowed by the sea
We dance to the wind, and let her carry our wings,

I don't think it matters
Where we will settle our souls,
Once the sunlight breaches the edge of our world
When the warmth ripples across the surface of our skin,
I know then, I will be home. 


Photography: Lucy Douglas | H&M: Emy Clare | Videography: Ripple Film

Rowie The Label Festival Edit
 ft. Fallen Broken Street



Thank you to the most creative, innovative, passionate team of professionals. If you're a brand looking to get quality content, I highly recommend you use one -- or all -- of these magnetic souls. Their dedication to their art is unparalleled.