Argent Silversmith: The ultimate salty sea bling


You know how sometimes you instantly relate to something, like a piece of art, a book, a dog or a person?

When everything just makes sense to you and speaks your language? Their entire aura just screams "Yes. We were meant to be!" ? 

One of the many reasons why I love this blog is because I get to creatively share the stories of others. Stories that have soul and deserve to be told. Creatives from all walks of life that have a talent or skill that just oozes with skill, heart & soul.
And so I found  all that. With none other then a cool little brand called:

Argent Silversmith. 

Let me cut to the chase and tell you exactly why I find Argent Silversmith special: 


Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

Beach & Outdoor inspired

All produced and created by a very rad chick who wants her jewellery to be so much more than just a ring around your finger or a string of silver around you neck.

  Elizabeth Herman is the woman behind these intricate, cool-girl designs that uniquely portrays what it means to be a girl who loves the great outdoors, who would rather be barefoot then wear heels, the girl who follows her own path and navigates life's adventures at her own pace. 

I love it when jewellery has a unique personality to it. With Elizabeth's creations, it's all about freedom, being active, moving, paddling, climbing ... all with an effortless elegance and cool. Most pieces have printed words on them like "salt" "sun" "sea" and "surf" -- as if I get to permanently wear the things I love. 

Salty, Sandy & Easy (and most importantly: sturdy!)

When I wear a jewellery piece, I usually don't take it off, so they have to be easy and un-fussy (i.e they don't get caught in your hair, bag or shirt or yoga gear).  I took a few rings and earrings to Bali with me for the ultimate surf test. The pieces being all genuine,  sterling silver, they easily withstood all the salty conditions I put them through. Sea and sweat.

Definitely my kind of no-fuss, easy to wear 24/7 rings. 

I'm usually not an earring girl, but I am definitely a hoop girl. Blame it on my Caribbean upbringing. The earrings turned out to be my absolute favourite, with a very cute, very cool "sea" stamped on a little coin. I wore these every night out, from Canggu's the Lawn to Uluwatu's Single Fin Sundays. The compliments I got from them were a definite bonus. 

Sustainably and ethically made, with a love for the ocean and all things salt, sand & surf. It's easy to fall in love with Argent Silversmith, as easy as a day in the sun, paddling around in the surf. Each piece is handcrafted, and you can really tell -- when you wear them, they feel intricate, as if they were made from the heart and soul. 

My designs are inspired by the environments I love and the simple beauty of shaped metal. From the mountains to the sea, I draw from nature and translate it into silver the way I see it: raw and unique.
I hope the women and men who wear my jewellery feel the same connection to it as I do: knowing and loving every unique detail of their piece of jewellery and reminded of their carefree love for a place, a person or a memory.
— Elizabeth Herman, creator of Argent Silversmith