"Handling changes in your twenties is a crazy roller coaster and a very steep learning curve"


A little while ago I did a portrait series with Penny Morgan. Penny is a creative you don't get to come across very often. She contacted me via Instagram, that little app we all secretly love to hate (and hate to love).  We chatted a little, discovered we loved the same things, then boom. Instant friendship.

Penny is an actress, mom, model, writer and photographer (Skilled much!?). Most of all, she is a genuine, beautiful human being whom I found it so  very easy to open up to from the moment I met her.  On the day of the shoot she asked me questions about my upbringing, who inspires me, my mentor (my former boss, Bianca Cheah from my days writing at Sporteluxe!)  what made me come to Australia and how the blog came about.

She piled everything up and made it into the gorgeous interview series called Along The Way, a blog about people she feels have a story to share. 

I'm deeply humbled and extremely amazed by the insightful, creative, authetic work she put together. It's amazing how  you instantly click with some people and they just make the whole creative process that much more magical. Penny has a genuine interest in people and makes you feel like the only person in the room (well, technically I was, but you get what I'm saying). 

Among many other things, Penny and I share a love for Brigitte Bardot, someone I haven't spoken much about but who has made a great impact in my life. Actress, animal rights activist, all round babe and 60's revolutionary. 

Navigating life in your twenties, following your dreams, overcoming hurdles and the side of the modelling industry no one tells you about are just a few of the topics we covered. I opened up to her about things I don't usually talk about or haven't shared on this blog. So if you're interested, have a read through the whole interview. I hope it helps in some little way, be it motivational, inspirational or maybe just a good laugh. 



You can read the full Interview here

Our dreams are messy! Our goals are messy. Your path is blurry and filled with gaps, large potholes that only appear when you’re just about to run over them. It’s an INSANE journey but also a very very realistic, genuine way of working hard for something that your entire being knows is right for you. If you love it and want it hard enough it’ll happen and if not something else is waiting for you and it’ll show itself when the time is right.

I find that in my twenties its especially hard to marry your dreams with the need for abundance and financial security. I find myself always wondering “when in this lifetime am I ever going to earn enough money to not make me worry about the end of the month?” – it’s part of the deal when you want something that makes your heart sing but doesn’t necessarily come with the pay check attached.
— Along The Way Blog