No Shoes No Worries X Surf Girl Mag

I have been published many a times, but it has never been so personal or on physical paper, in none other than a magazine that represents everything No Shoes No Worries stands for. Beyond stoked to have my byline in the latest issue of  Surf Girl Mag . Writing makes me so, so happy. There’s something about print that makes it that much more exciting than digital. If you can get your hands on the issue, I talk about the Mind Body Soul experience I had on my last trip to Sri Lanka. There’s also an interview up on the Surf Girl  website where I talk about my life as a writer and yoga teacher, and a little bit about how the blog came to life (as well as some crucial writing/blogging tips I’ve come across).

Grateful is an understatement.

The tagline for this issue is « dare to live the life you’ve always wanted », pretty sure it’s been my mantra these past few years

Not to mention the cover is none other than charger and fellow Aussie babe @imogencaldwell. Yes. So much winning. Never underestimate the power of words or your dreams. Work hard, keep grinding, hustling, paddling, climbing. 

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You Can Read The Full Interview HERE

I started No Shoes No Worries to materialise the world in my head. It’s also a place where I want to encourage women to be strong, brave, adventurous, and elegant in everything they do. Most importantly, a place that inspires them to make themselves and their dreams their #1 priority.
— No Shoes No Worries in Surf Girl Mag