Be it all, with your whole heart.

I took philosophy in high school. Actually, I didn't take it, it was mandatory. The french education system is fancy like that. One of the principles that always stuck with me was this one philosopher named Epicurus. He basically said that happiness in life depended on seeking  life's pleasures, and they should be wholeheartedly enjoyed, if not in moderation. 

My teacher put it in a way I will always remember, which is probably why this whole idea stuck in my head. It went something along these lines (Or so my distant, french memory of my high school days remembers it). He said; "If I want a beer, I'm going to have one. Nothing will stop me from enjoying the pleasure of a good beer with my meal. And if I finish that beer and want another one, I'm going to go for that too -- since it will make me that much happier. But if I find I want a 3rd one, for the sake of a third one, then I've gone too far. Gluttony and greed are not the epicurian way."

Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.
— Epicurus

We're all entitled to letting ourselves, enjoy ourselves. Funnily enough, we have to give ourselves permission to do that. I can be as simple as eating that chocolate brownie when you're craving it, grabbing a massage, or going for that surf with your buddies when you're suppose to be doing something a little less entertaining.

Maybe it goes a little deeper, like following your passions and making time for them, for the pleasure of creativity and the sake of self-growth. Whatever sets your soul on fire, do that. Even if you do believe in magic and whisper to the moon. 

I came up with the above quote (pictured) in one of those spur-of-the-moment, late night ramblings in my head. It lead me to remember that one lesson in high school, and got me thinking of how we treat ourselves on the daily. Funny how the brain works. Funny how life works, now I'm a yoga teacher and will probably use this in my next class. This will probably turn into my mantra.

I'm not saying hide from your responsibilities, I'm just saying let yourself be human and enjoy the things that put a smile on your face. So you can go back to your responsibilities and give them your undivided attention. If anything they'll make you a better human.