Grab your gals: The best spots to "Surf & Coffee" on the Northern Beaches


"Surf & Coffee" is one of those Aussie morning staples that goes along the same caliber as Vegemite on toast for breakfast. 

Whether you wake up with high hopes and a positive surf forecast, or end up going for a quick splash and an extra long cappuccino, it's good to get up, and get out there.

Bleary eyed and still asleep, there's nothing a dip in the ocean and a couple of laughs with your gal pals won't fix. Seriously, it's like being part of the bad-ass babes club. Whether planned or impromptu, you know you're bound to have a good time and start your day off just right. Plus, it makes that post-surf coffee -- or as Billie would call it, your morning "spook"-- all the sweeter.  


From L to R: Billie, Faz and I celebrating on a chilly winter's morning shot by Mark Morgan | R: Warming up at Manly Wine


We all go about our daily duties and lives so differently, but it's great to know these type of routines can bring us together no matter how busy we get.  

The northern beaches of Sydney hosts some of the best waves on the east coast of Australia, which also happens to correlate with the quality and quantity of coffee shops that are, usually, conveniently located adjacent to your favourite spot. 

Surf one, surf them all, Below are a couple of our favourites Waves (& Lattes)

SURF : North Steyne and Queenscliff
COFFEE: Manly WineJellyfish, Hakan's or Showbox

SURF : Freshwater
COFFEE: Pilu or SaltBush (by the SLS Club)

SURF: Curl Curl

SURF: Mona Vale
COFFEE: Armchair Collective or Bronze Kiosk

SURF: Whale Beach
COFFEE: Whale Beach Deli

SURF: Palm Beach
The Boathouse Palm Beach or 2108 Espresso

And most importantly: Don't forget your Keep Cup! 


Surf shots by our favourite frother @mxmsurfphoto

Above photo by @Mattyower