Get Up, Stand Up.

Photo by Matty Ower, on a mornings with my girls Faz and Billie

I wrote this one I while ago and seemed to have completely forgotten about it. which is why when I found it again today, I kind of surprised myself. 

Inspiration comes in weird, unpredictable waves. They kind of build up in energy and get you all excited. You ride that wave until it becomes whitewash, disappearing in the sea of all your other thoughts and ideas. 

Some waves are big, and your adrenaline kicks in, giving you that jolt of excitement with a hint of fear. You go for it anyway, triumph or failure, there will be much to learn.

Others are small, filled with fun and the promise of enjoyment. A reminder of how sweet the simple things can be.

Notice how as you're riding them, caught up in the moment, you were looking straight ahead at what was to come. Your goals; to see your ride all the way through. 

And then the next wave comes along and you're focus has already shifted. Embracing the new, with the knowledge of the past

Dreams have that similar effect, only some waves you end up riding  for much longer. You end up gliding along them, long after they’ve turned to whitewash, like the memory of that perfect barrel, water dancing over your head, a small glimpse of reality ahead of you. 

Who knows, really, where they come from or where you'll end up. You can take them or leave them. Your inspirations, like your dreams, are only just there, a grain or seed waiting to sprout.  A wave, passing through. It won't really wait, but it's pacing itself to give you just enough time to glide along with it. 

At the risk of this turning into a strange paddling tutorial -- of which I will dedicate a totally different post to, all I want to really say is : We are so damn lucky to be gifted the talents we have.

To be gifted with ideas and inspiration tugging at our hearts, calling us to play.

So why not humour them and stand up for them? Stand up for your dreams, dance along with them and watch what happens.