The yoga gear every surfer girl needs: Kavala Collective


Allow me to introduce to something I should have a long time ago:

Kavala Collective

Tropical prints. Amazing, soft fabric that moves with me. Wanderlust inspired. Surf-friendly. 

Honestly, what more do you want? You can practically stop reading right now.

Go try them on. Just go. 

You can thank me later. 

I have been wearing these babies non-stop lately, mainly because it's winter in Australia at the moment and the high-waist, soft, supple pants are like a warm hug on my way to the yoga studio in the early mornings. But also because the tropical print puts a smile on my face and reminds me of the time I wore them in Sri Lanka. Practicing on my favourite balcony at Verse Collective. Yoga is one of those things I do wherever I go, so I always have a few essentials with me on all my trips. This was one of them. 

Kavala was made for the yogis, the tropical print lovers, salt sisters and world drifters.

I only ever talk about gear that I genuinely enjoy, and I wore this several, several times before talking about it -- in fact, this is actually a bit overdue. 

But I can truly say that the fabric is next level high quality, something that I fully appreciate when my leg is somewhere behind my ears, can't locate one of my hands and can hardly breath from the contorted pretzel shape I sometime find myself in. At least I still feel a little bit bad ass. 

And as a bonus : The owner and founder of Kavala is an absolute legend who lives a creative life between the Gold Coast and Bali. Kelsey is a go-getter, surfer chick, adventurer, and salty soul. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. That's my kinda gal. And that's what Kavala is all about. 

Sometimes it's not about the clothes or the product, but the lifestyle and personality it portrays. The way it makes you feel, practice, move, dance, explore, laugh, surf, sing... . 

So do it all, be it all, cause you've got the gear to go with it. 

 Kavala Collective, thanks for being super, duper soft. And making me feel like a tropical yogi queen who gets to hit the waves, all in one outfit. 

Namaste to that.