25 Things I learned in 25 Years


31st May, 1993.

There it is. Boom. Just like that, 25 trips around the sun. 

Confession: I've been a little freaked out about turning 25. Call me a typical millenial on a quarter life crisis, it's just a number I never actually realised I'd get to.  

YET! There are many great things about turning 25. Namely all the things I've learnt in my --  realistically --  short time on earth so far. 

Life moves fast. We've got practically 100 years to live out our best lives. That's a a freaking long time to do something great.

So below are a few things. Some big, some small. Some funny, some deep, some not relevant at all. 

Happy Birthday to me. 



25 Things I learned in 25 years


1. Face it.
At the end of the day, no matter what, always, always always... moisturise your face. In another 25 years you will be thankful for this. 

2. Kendrick Lamar is right.
Always be humble, grateful and respectful. No matter how successful -- or unsuccessful--  you are. 

3, Just Ask.
Ask for whatever it is that you want -- I've learnt the worst people can say is no. And I can deal with that.

4. Be a Queen.
Fake it t'ill you make it 

5. Know a Fool
In knowing #4, realise that people, almost always, are bullshitting. Even just a little bit.


6. Therapy.
The ocean will fix everything. She will connect and ground you. She will put you back in your rightful place. Respect that. 

7. Manifest
A negative mindset will attract negative things (it's called the law of attraction -- look it up, its real.)

8. Patience.
Anything worth having is a continual, hard-earned process. Be patient. I learnt this with this blog, with my numerous degrees and, sadly, my drivers license. 

9. Water.
Drink it. A lot. Forever. Especially on planes, more than you would think. 

10. NO
Speak up for yourself. Don't let others push you into a situation you are not comfortable/okay with. Know your worth.

11. Yoga.
Less ego, more listening. You will never be perfect. Nor should you be. 

12. Youtube.
Essentially anything can be solved, learnt, figured out or done, on YouTube. 

13. Google.
Ironically enough, don't Google your symptoms when you're sick. It will tell you you're either pregnant, dying or that you're a rare never-before seen breed of humanoid.

14. Love.
It is easiest to hurt the ones who love you most. This one I learnt from my dad. Appreciate everyone in your life that gives you love. Show them appreciation. Receive it wholeheartedly, and give it without expectations. 

15. Give a fuck
"Don't half-arse anything. If you're going to do something, use your full arse" -- I was reminded of this one recently. Mainly because I well and truly half-arsed something I said I would completely arse.  Subsequently, I felt shit about it. 

16. Go CRAZY.
"It was a full moon" is a valid excuse for quite possibly, everything.

17. Mom
Mom was right.
In a couple of years, you'll look back and laughing. At that boy who broke your heart, at that embarrassing moment, at those mean kids... they weren't worth your tears. 

18. Forgive.
My favourite quote, ever : "To err is human, to forgive, divine"

19. Money. 
You won't remember that 100$ you made/saved but you'll remember that adventure you went on instead.

20. Life.
When in doubt, choose experience over material things. 

21. Let Go.
Don't compare yourself. Ever. You don't know the whole story of that one person's perfect life you see on instagram 

22. Laugh
Don't take life too seriously. Apparently, we don't get out alive. 

23. Wake Up
You will never regret that sunrise. 

24. Celebrate
Sometimes it'll rain on your birthday. Feel the rain and dance anyway. 

25. In the END
I know nothing.