The Simple Things


My favourite kind of shoots are the ones that involve no makeup, a lot of sand, and a lot of sea.

That no fuss, "we'll-see-how-this-turns-out" kind of attitude is what makes me fall in love with the entire creative process.  It's not the content in itself that gets my excited, but the magic that happens from one side of the camera to the other. The back and forth of ideas, the collaborations, visions and feelings that float around. 

It's getting to splash around with two very talented women, Katie Rose and Lucy Douglas from Something Aesthetic and laugh the entire way through. 

Katie's designs are the epitome of understated elgance, a string of handcrafted, stunning ornaments you just want to keep on stacking and never take off.

These shots make me happy -- and are a happy reminder that most of the time life hands us simple pleasure, and they are the ones we should cherish the most. 


There are no rules on what you can, can’t or shouldn’t be wearing. Jewellery is something truly special and personal to you and your style. It connects you to a feeling, a moment. When wearing my jewellery I want women to feel this carefree way of expression and style, not as if the piece is defining them, but as if it is a beautiful extension of their personality
— Katie Rose