Follow The Footsteps : 5 Instagram accounts to follow


Who do you look up to? What are some accounts, or actual people, that inspire you to do better, who make you feel like you can do it? I’ve decided to make a little cull of everything I follow on the gram doesn’t serve me. Quoting Gandhi with a cleavage cladded selfie just isn’t my jam. 

Below, 5 accounts I follow that make a difference to how I scroll my feed. Uplifting, inspiring, and most importantly, real. I look visit these accounts whenever I need a boost in the creative department. They pretty much align with everything No Shoes No Worries strives for and always make my eyeballs happy to stare at.

What good is Instagram if you can’t share the love?

I think I just might make this a regular thing …

5 instagram accounts that are bound to inspire you :


If I had to make a mood board of how I wanted my highlight reel/life to look, it would probably look like Kat’s photography. Moody, soft, elegant and feminine. Just one look and I always hit the reset button.


An endless source of inspiration, Rebekah is down to earth, original, uber-creative and pretty much a super human in every form. Super-mama, super-blogger, super graphic designer/writer/creative. I think you see where I’m going here. Beach vibes galore. Plus, her toe-nail painting skills are goals.


The former editor in chief at Here With Mag, creative director and photographer has a keen eye for everything feminine, soft, and beach inspired with an elegant twist. I could stare at her work for ever. Her creative eye is distinctively her own, and that’s a big part of why I love her style.


Her bio pretty much sums it all up “To express, not impress”. You may have come across Amber’s photography at one point or another, given how she is a popular favourite in the surf/lifestyle photography world. Her shots always tell a story, that are truly worth a thousand words.