No Shoes No Worries in the latest Surf Girl Mag!


It’s times like these that make all the hard work worth it. For the second time this year, my words have been featured in Surf Girl Mag, the leading surf beach lifestyle publication for girls.

This time, I talk about the realities of being a lifestyle blogger, something I previously wrote about on the blog, here.

I think may have said this a million times, but seeing your words in a printed mag brings in a whole new realm of accomplishment to what you do. A side from the fact that the team over at Surf Girl penned me as a “successful blogger” this honest piece of writing made me realise how far I’d come.

How far No Shoes No Worries as come as a community, and the joy is has brought to many salty souls. It’s no secret to those around me that I’ve dedicated a lot of my heart and soul to this project, and the messages of encouragement, of gratitude and simply those that come by to say hi mean the world.

She Believed She Could, So She Did.

The tag line for this issue, featuring carribbean surfer girl Maud Le Car on the cover (Have I mentioned we went to school together in St.Martin?! Small world) — is something that yet agains rings to very true to my journey. Confidence and trust, in your abilities, in your worth, in knowing that your passions are real, can take you to extraodinary places. I hope this helps you in some little way believe that you can do it too, whatever your dreams or goals are. It’ll take hard work, but it makes the journey so worth it.

Make sure you grab your copy to read the full story, and keep your eyes out for an upcoming interview!

Andrea Kovszun