The travel essential you're going to need to not look like a tourist


You know what they say about traveling? Blend in. Or at least, try not to stick out like a sore thumb.

Skipping the tourist traps and long, busy queues to the “must-see” places, there’s no better feeling when traveling then that sense of getting to explore wherever you are like a true local.

It’s about getting lost, learning something along the way, and seeing with your own eyes what it means to experience another culture and way of life, in it’s truest form.

And that’s exactly what Amici Collective embody.

MeetYour new favourite travel bag: Amici Collective


Amici Collective is for the quintessential travel babe, the one with wanderlust in her soul and a camera in her hand. The girl who immerses herself in a culture, who thrives outside of her comfort zone, only to return with a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Walk like a tourist, look like a local

You know when you’re packing your bags for the next big adventure and you think “Gosh, I really don’t want to stand out and look like a tourist in my sandals and sun hat, camera and map in hand?”. Well, consider this just one of those moments where you can spare yourself the hassle and blend in a little more easily.

Amici Collective is a range of luxury travel bags designed and handmaid in Australia, that aims to marry style with functionality, without the hefty price tag attached. Consider all your travel essentials, in one place, in something that doesn’t scream “I’m totally not from here, come take advantage of me.”

These travel bags come four different shapes and sizes, in both a neutral black and grey, to work with you and around you as you navigate the streets of a new city.

Day to night, streets to bar, the essence of Amici Collective is to underline the fact that fashion and functionality are not mutually exclusive, but rather embody a state of awareness that “blending in” can sometimes be a powerful tool to experience and the observe the world we live in from a local, honest perspective.

I wanted to create a product that would give women a sense of confidence and effortless style when travelling, so they can feel free to experience the world in their own way. My goal when designing the collection was to create products that are versatile to use, include features that organise and provide easy access to essentials, and secure valuables, all wrapped up in a sleek and elegant style aesthetic that can work with a woman’s individual style.
— Amanda Verardo, Founder, Amici Collective

Count me in! I’ve had the same Ol’ Target backpack for the past 8 years (Yup, I may have bought it in my early/late teens and had a strange attachment to it), and it finally gave way on my last trip to Europe. It was definitely time for a classier upgrade, one in which I wasn’t endlessly rummaging around for my passport and wallet.

The Amici Collective Shoot

I’ll just start off by saying how much I loved this shoot. It was, as the bags intend to be, effortless. An easy morning with one of my fave photographers, Madi Browne, around the northern beaches. Meeting the designer/founder, Amanda, was such a treat. She is as relaxed as she is talented, letting us get into our creative groove and offering advice and vision whenever needed. It’s this kind of creative cooperation that makes me love what I do.

Do Good, Be Good, Look Good

Another reason why I loved this project is the little piece of good Amanda aims to give back with every sale.

“My own personal travel experiences have shaped my belief that travel is a privilege, one that is out of reach for many people, so I wanted to show gratitude for the privilege of travel by donating $1 from every sale to WaterAid Australia,  an international not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere, within a generation.”

Cool, useful travel bag, clean water and a clean conscious. Seriously, how better can it get?

I could quite easily go on and on about these bags, the four accessible styles make for a fantastic christmas gift. TheTote (Pictured below) was my definitive favourite; a classy, just-the-right-size bag to carry around, smooth and weightless. I would even include the little passport clutch to make the essentials that much more accessible. Win-Win all around, if you ask me. Now, to book that next flight… .

Amici Collective celebrates connection through travel experiences. Whether it’s shared experiences with family and friends, making new friends along the way, or connecting with new places and the local communities that host you
— Amanda Verardo

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