Gratitude is the Attitude: A Q&A with Spiritual Gangster on why I like to keep it real


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I make sure to find beauty in the simplest of things.  I live by the beach and I’m so grateful to be able to wake up and swim in the water or surf first thing in the morning. I become really mindful and observant of everything around me. The way the sun reflects off the ocean, the way the water feels on my skin. It’s pretty incredible, when you let it be. I get really happy about little things. Like a hot summers day or the fact that a friend comes to visit. That I’m healthy, and those around me are well.

I think gratitude comes from noticing everything around you, what you already have, the people in your life, and seeing a little piece of good in every single one of them, however bad or dark it may seem at the time. Noticing and zooming in on the positive. Maybe you get to go to your weekly yoga class – how lucky are you to connect with yourself on a weekly basis, to have limbs to stretch? You’re stuck in traffic on the way to work – well, notice how you’ve got a job, and a car to get there! You can find gratitude in the fact that you love something enough to be passionate about it.