The Tide & The Moon Co


If there were an ultimate gift for the ultimate beach girl, this is it, guys. Great for summer, spring, winter and autumn, the versatility of this giant scarf is actually quite mind blowing. Light enough to wear as a beach wrap and warm enough to wear around your neck. You know when you just see something, give it a go, and you end up using it day in, day out, without realising it? Well, it just happened.

Introducing: The Tide & The Moon Co.

All photography shot by Natalie Koval @nataliekoval

The Tide & The Moon Co.

The Tide & The Moon Collective is a series of beach scarves with printed photographs of Australia, and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. Not only is it a great name that makes me want to pen something super deep and poetic (I’ll save it for the salty talks) but it’s based on a concept I find very innovative and original: Wearable Art.

Capturing the heart of Australia’s most breathtaking scenes, photographer Angel Wall has printed her photography on something you can wear. I love the originality that comes from creating something like this, something that combines a passion for photography and an eye for fashion. I mean, who wouldn’t want the most amazing, barreling wave to wear around your neck? or waist? or head? … See where I’m getting here?

Instead of double tapping a screen and letting your thumb scroll past, how about we start wearing our photography, or the projects we love most?

There’s enough versatility in these babies to challenge the best of sarongs. But they’re so much more then just scarves, or sarongs, or even super duper soft cashmere blend throws. They’re wearable statement of a moment in time, and that, is way cooler.

Dreamy Hues, captivating Stories

When you look at photograph, you feel something. It evokes an emotion, a memory, a moment caught in time. I love how this translates into a pattern. A pattern of life and vision.

Take this blue/grey scarf pictured above. It’s called The Right Wave and is a shot of a powerful, hollow barrel. When you look at it, and I mean really look at it, you can see the mix of rawness and beauty, similar to the landscape in Western Australia. When you blend it and wear it around your head or neck (pictured right), it turns into this moody, blue pattern that’s as intriguing as it’s original picture.

With super soft fabric (a blend of cashmere and modal) and amazing patterns, the scarves are vibrant with texture and have about a million ways you can wear them. For someone who likes to keep clothing to a minimal, this is definitely solving a few closet issues for me, just in time for summer.

To add to the cool factor, this scarf was a collaboration with photographer Ren McGann. Another thing I love about this brand is that they intend to work with other photographers to make this a “collective” of wearable art. This sense of community for creatives just makes me so happy about the future of fashion. If you’re a photographer, might want to get onto the next big thing!

You can read all about The Tide & The Moon Co. at as well as follow their adventures on instagram @thetideandthemoonco


All imagery by Natalie Koval @nataliekoval