Less Perfection, More Laughs


I woke up this morning with case of comparison-itis. I’m very much human in that way. It often creeps up on me, unannounced, as I think of all the people I look up to and proceed to nit picking everything I am not. Blame it on social media making it’s way into your life first thing in the morning. Another bad habit I’m happy to confess (maybe now I’ll stop? First step is admitting you have a problem, am I right?). I’ve gotten better at handling it, but in the past, comparison has always been my weakness. It’s where my otherwise high level of confidence falters.

Lucky for me, I have a support system. People that shake me up when I need it the most. My mom, my boyfriend, my closest friends. Everyone needs that one person (or group of people) to pick you back up, slap you on the face and make you stare straight back at where you came from.

It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come when you want to keep climbing a hill without stopping and looking at the view. I have been known to have blinders on, like a race horse on a track that never ends. Some call it focus and determination, but without proper pit stops, I call it the road to burnout.

It doesn’t matter how successful someone might seem or how well we think they’re doing. To them, there is always someone doing more, doing better, and looking better while doing it.

And yes, that’s true. In a way, it’s good. Something to strive for. While everyone is on their singular journey, you really can’t compare yours to theirs. The over night successes are rare, if any.

It’s a horrible feeling. That feeling of never being or achieving enough. But I’ve learnt that we mustn’t hide. We mustn’t hide behind a curtain of doubt, of self-loathe or pity. We mustn’t hide from actually seeing the bigger picture. As corny as it sounds, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

I think we worry too much

It’s okay to change your mind, it’s okay to evolve. It’s okay to not have the perfect grid on instagram or to not have it all right, all of the time. It’s okay to fall off the wave or not bend all the way in yoga.  Fuck the rules. Don’t hide your magic, don’t morph into the mould. Do you think we can tell that you’re any less than perfect? We’re too busy worrying about ourselves. Go be you and don’t fuss over the details. Less perfection, more laughs.