I few things I'm loving this summer

Summer in Australia? Fun, Wild.... HOT. Very Hot. Like, 40degree heat wave hot. If you're from this sunburnt country then you know that spf100 is a life necessity and zinc is used as foundation on a regular basis.

after-work surfs t'ill sunset and long weekends on deserted beaches are what Aussies live for.

And Since the essence of being a self-proclaimed beach bum is to know the in's and Out's of living on (and by) the beach, I thought I'd share a few things I've been loving over the summer. 

A Few Summer Essentials :

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert  I will just start by saying this book is an epic read for anyone who loves being creative (which is pretty much everyone) and wants to understand the "process" a little better. While I was reading and absorbing the contents of Big Magic, really amazing things started to happen, creatively speaking. This book has changed my perspective on many things and it is such an eye opener. Whether you're a writer, musician, designer, or anyone that makes stuff, this is for you. After this book, you will never let an opportunity pass you by, and you will have this whole new outlook on your creativity and where it comes from. Brilliant summer read. Brilliant read, period. Elizabeth Gilbert you are my hero. 

Her Wave  If my life were a picture book, I'd want it to be Her Wave. Heck, I want to live in that book. I had the pleasure of meeting Cait Miers on a shoot, and she is one of the most down-to-earth, easy going individuals I have ever met. Oh, and she's crazy talented with a camera. Her Wave is a collection of Cait's amazing shots that were taken throughout last year, featuring the gorgeous girls of the Roxy team along with some amazing destinations. This book sits on my coffee table and is the best source of inspiration I've had in a while. You know what they say: a picture can tell a thousand words. Well, it's very true for Her Wave. So dive into this one, you won't want to resurface. 

James Michelle I came across the beautiful pieces of James Michelle Jewellery a while back, and the vibes are calm, collected, with a little bit of badass. There's a beachy, relaxed style to it along with some well refined class. My "Good Vibes" pendant is a nice little reminder to spread the good stuff. Been wearing these babies all summer long.  

Lack Of Colours  I'm just gonna put it out there and say : BEST. HAT. EVER. I bought this after seeing it on a friend, and then "borrowed" it from her the entire day -- I fell in love. If you've seen a couple of my instagram pics, then you know I love this hat. Really, love this hat.  If there is even a ray of sunlight on the darkest, rainiest days, I'll wear it. It just gives me the good vibes and is so light and airy on my head. 

Rayban Aviators because if you've got a hat, then you also need shades. And who doesn't love that look from Top Gun? -- Aviators are bad ass, and everyone knows it. 

Bowern Yoga Mat If I'm not on the beach or in the sea, then you'll find me in the studio. My ideal daily trifecta of surf-yoga-(coffee)-writing can only happen when I practice on my Bowern Mat. The shady palm, a.k.a my obsession, also makes for a very cool flatlay when shooting (see above). I've raved all about Bowern Yoga Mats before, and for good reason. They're the best (and also: eco-friendly!)

Frank Green  I'm a massive drinker. Water drinker, that is. Nothing like the good H2O. Some people call me the camel. A water bottle is something I always have by my side or in my bag, the way most girls would carry their mascara or their phone. This was one of my many Christmas gifts and I have to say it has not left my side. It's got all the features you would expect: Eco-friendly, re-usable, non-spill. All-round hero. Goes with my Bowern yoga mat. Win-Win. 

Surf Mud    is amazing for the surf. With all natural ingredients for the environment and your face (most zincs are very heavy in chemicals, clogs your pores and eventually damages your skin)  -- it's basically a life saver if you tend to spend long hours in/out of the water. (Also doubles as effective concealer/foundation).

Sunbum Cool Down  At the end of the day, when you are crispy red and the heat is still on your skin, long after you found some shade, this cream will be your calling. I lather it on at the end of each day. Keeps my tan, smells amazing, and most importantly, cools me off.



Special thanks to my Beautiful friend Billie Gurr for creating the masterpiece that is the above feature image. Check her out, she's a talented nugget @by.billie @biillliie