Roxy Yoga Morning: The Recap + 5 things this event taught me about life


UPDATE : You can also view the blog post featuring some extra images  on Roxy's website HERE

Here we have it! I was so excited when Roxy asked me to lead their Yoga event for a morning of Roxy Fitness at the Newport. I had to pinch myself when they asked as it was always my dream to be a Roxy Girl, but had set that "pipe" dream aside
 when I realised I could never really surf like Kelia Moniz. Regardless! The Universe has strange ways of giving you what you want, when it's truly settled deep within your heart. I've mention this a couple times throughout my posts,  but the magic of yoga has opened so many doors for me, through my writing and teaching, two things I never thought would collaborate like they do!  

So if you missed it, here are a few snaps of the magical morning that was, including a little video. If you were part of the crowd, thank you a thousand times over for joining.

Special thanks to the magnificently hard working team over at Roxy for putting the event together at the Newport, and to the Newport for providing their idyllic space. 


On the Day 

The class started at 8AM, with over 65 willing and happy souls on their mats and ready to flow. The vibes before hand were already buzzing, and my belly was an exciting mix of nerves and eagerness to get started.

THE PREP: on the car drive over, I admit that my excitement started getting the better of me. How did I handle this? No better way to boost your confidence then a little Beyonce -- Smashed out Bootylicious (on repeat a couple times) in the car to the great dismay of my very patient, very supportive boyfriend -- Thanks Scotty. Other than that, my class and playlist were all nailed down after several weeks of planning everything meticulously - I was ready to go! Seeing my closest girlfriends front and center was also a beautiful reminder of the power of friendship -- what a confidence booster that can be! 

WHO WORE WHAT?My outfit, courtesy of the latest Roxy Fitness gear, was comfortable, breathable and most importantly, flexible. It was a hot morning, and by the end of class at 9AM, we were all a sweaty, glowing mess. The Roxy gear definitely helped me keep it together. In the words of Beyonce, it was flawless. Roxy, you rock. 

THE CLASS:  the class itself was a very fun, very active mandala flow. Mandala simply means moving in a circle pattern. I love mandalas as they represent the universe, circle of life and patterns of nature. In yoga, they symbolise the unity of the mind, body and soul. There were all sorts of levels on the morning, from total newbies to advanced, and I was so happy to see the smiling faces, from elated to competently confused, all of whom embraced a morning of movement and fun (and some good tunes to boot!).  We finished with a Savasana to the sound of a thousand Cicadas humming and buzzing around.  In other words, it was magic, BIG magic. 

The Playlist 

I had a few people ask me where they could access my playlist. Everything I play in my classes can be found via my spotify. This was the playlist used on the morning: 

What i took away from this experience 

1. Never underestimate the power and energy a crowd of 60+ people can give you

2. No matter how much you plan and prep, not EVERYTHING, in any way, shape or form, will ever go as planned.  I had to teach with a microphone in one hand, and a thousand cicadas screaming over my voice.... Go with the flow, adapt, and OWN IT!

3. Be grateful for every single second, every single soul you cross paths with, and always give yourself a breath to take it all in -- life happens in a flash and before you know it, it's done! 

4. DO NOT take yourself too seriously. If you stuff up, always laugh it out, dust yourself off and keep going. 

5. Believe in yourself, 100%. Part of my class was talking about reaching your potential, and learning to accept and embrace all the magic within. You are so close to those dreams and kicking all the goals you set out for yourself, just keep hussling and keep believing. 

Below are a few snaps of the morning. Thanks to Roxy and the Newport for creating this incredible experience, and here's to many more to come! It was truly wonderful to feel so supported.