Butter Coffee is doing magic things to my brain


Butter Coffee, a.k.a the small tweak to my morning coffee, has my brain sending me thank you notes.

 it's changing the way I work, write, get ideas, execute ideas... basically, everything.  

Seriously -- I feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless (after doing much googling, I have discovered that in fact, many people have compared it to this). Butter Coffee, also known as the branded "bullet proof" coffee, is essentially  grass fed butter,MCT oil (or coconut oil) and normal brewed coffee all blended together to make a creamy, coconut-y consistency. Sound gross? Think again. The texture and taste is similar to a coconut latte. It could take some getting used to, but after one cup, I felt this incredible sense of clarity and basically got sh*t done and then some. 

how is this any different to normal coffee,  you wonder? 

Simply put : Longer lasting focus and mental clarity = no afternoon crash.

The fatty acids in the MCT oil and Butter allow for a slow release of the caffeine to the brain, making for a more sustainable, less heady rush.  With Butter Coffee, you don't get the caffeine spike like your average espresso, which was great because this gradual focus prevented me from crashing a few hours later. 

Another point: Feel consistently full = No mid-morning munchies + fat burning benefits. 

Because the coffee is so rich, you really only need -- or want, one. As it is quite high in fat due to the butter, it's recommended that butter coffee be used as a substitute for breakfast. Every body is different and I still tend to have a little something with my coffee, but better to consult a nutritionist or physician if you're concerned about things like cholesterol levels. 


Here's how to make it 

- 1 Cup of brewed black coffee

- 1 Tablespoon of grass fed butter

- 1 Tablespoon of MCT Oil  or Coconut Oil

- Pour everything into blender. Blend.


Lately I've been pretty obsessed with the concept of individuals being able to access parts of their brain that they wouldn't usually have access to. After watching Limitless and Lucy countless times (And now binge watching the Limitless spinoff show on Netflix -- you should to) I've been curious as to whether this is an actual possibility. I mean, if our brain has all these abilities to recall and absorb information,  yet we can't actually tap into all that potential, it's like living life at 20% instead of 100% - right? I mean, imagine what you could do with all that extra space, all that extra focus. 

Well, pretty sure I've found the next best thing.