Welcome to the jungle with Tigerlily Athleisure: the yogi review


Tigerlily. Synonymous, for so many of us,  with a chic boho beach style that manages to make most, if not all, women look effortlessly cool in.

Tigerlily secretly have "enviable bikinis" as their moto, which in turn makes "empty your wallet", mine. It comes as no surprise that their long awaited Athleisure collection would be, appropriately, tantalising. 

Before diving in, I needed to be sure that the workout gear I was getting was up to par on the #yogaeverydamnday scale. I wanted to know I could sweat, stretch and contortion my way through class while still looking flawless post-savanasa.  And so it was, my investigation began. After all,  it had to check off specific criteria : 

  • Wearability (As in, camel toe visibility and wedgie prevention)

  • Aesthetic (This was a bit of a no-brainer, we all know it was/is/would be fabulous)

  • Versatility (Can I really wear this to yoga and then climb a mountain, and still make it to happy hour?)

Wearability: Smooth, criminal

Wearing the Le Maroc Scoop Bra and Le Maroc 3/4 Legging

It's no secret that yogis (and non-yogis, for that matter) use any excuse to wear their yoga pants on a daily basis. Yes, we're aware it's a tad obnoxious. No, we really don't like to wear jeans. It may seem like an outright crime in the fashion sphere, but this is 2017 and Athleisure is a now a term in the dictionary.

Tigerily Athleisure doesn't exactly help with the transition into normal every day wear (Except, of course, if it's to slip into one of their maxi dresses - But I digress). The comfort factor is real. I was about to commit the perfect crime: wearing these bad boys all day.

From the minute you slide into the pants; be it the 3/4, 7/8 or cropped shorts, you're  immediately enveloped into the smooth lycra texture that I'm pretty much convinced is half magic-half butter. There are no seams, the fit is snug.

Major note here about the seamless factor: No camel toe. Even better? Definitely no wedgie. I took those babies through contortions worthy of a gymnast, all safe in that department. The wide waist panel sits just right. The range of motion, stellar. 

Aesthetic: Bold ELEGANCE

Sure, the brand responsible for emptying my bank account on a regular basis may know a thing or two about what I like. In signature Tigerilly form, the prints were inspired by Moroccan themes and bold colours. The boho vibe is there, but there's also a subtle, nautical design to it, which gives it that quintessential beach vibe - I would seriously love to see someone nose riding a longboard in any of the swim sets/rashies. 

The term Athleisure means something you can wear outside the setting of a workout. Like the office, or maybe even a wedding (hey... you could hit the dance floor for way, way longer). I feel like this collection not only makes it super easy to downward dog in, but also to hit the beach and the bar all in one day. It's a seamless transition (see what I did there?). 


What I really love about this collection is the different styles they come in. Most of the sports tops can be worn as bikinis (if they aren't already), not to mention the rashie and shorts/corset are seriously cool to surf in (Bonus points for the sun protection!). I spent the day running around in the sand, over to the yoga studio, shopping through town, and even grabbed a drink at the end of the day without thinking twice about the appropriateness of my pants. Seriously, throw on a cool sweater (like this awesome knit from Rowie) or jacket and you're ready to go.  Since they just released a few more pieces from the range, it's exciting to see where Tigerlily will be going with their Athleisure collection. In terms of versatility, it definitely ticked all the right boxes.