Into The Abysse : The bikini I wore all summer long


Rarely do I find a bikini that lasts more than A summer season. I admit to wearing them every single day, sometimes even as underwear.

So it comes as a  seriously impressive feat when said bikini follows me from my  yoga mat, to the surf, and back. On a regular basis.

Enter : Abysse

The active wear that moves with you

And the answer to my bikini prayers. 


From the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the deserts of the Australian outback, Abysse was created for tomboys at heart who have a serious passion for our planet. I'm continuously inspired by what they aim to achieve every single day; taking on mountains, waves, and all that mother nature has to offer. With all this movement, it’s only natural we require clothes that not only look great, feel great, but make an active lifestyle easier no matter where the day may take us.

Wherever you go, they will follow 

The team over at Abysse are dedicated to their love of the ocean. Creating wetsuits, bikinis and activewear pieces made for both land and sea.   They wanted to create a range that not only supported an active lifestyle, but moved  in a stylish and effortless way.  The result?  A 100% Reycled, eco-friendly fabric that won't stretch, won't fade, and, to put it simply - just won't quit. 

You can literally step onto your yoga mat, jump into the ocean and climb the highest mountain, all in the same outfit. Amazing? Convenient? Life Changing? All of the above. I approve. 

Here’s what you need to know

Eco-Friendly : The Ocean is their priority

Abysse garments are made out of 100% recycled fishing nets.  Made in Italy, the Italian recycled fabric is UV protective and fast drying.  Key word here: Fast Drying

I love the seemless feel of the pieces. There's nothing worse then tugging at your bikini bottoms while surfing or adjusting your top in downward dog. Just like the highest quality wetsuits, what you wear should feel like a second skin and allow you to perform your best without any distractions. Looking good while doing it doesn’t hurt, either. 


You can mix and match any style, whether you’re hitting the ocean or the track, their signature designs such as the stingray and ocean prints are discreetly featured throughout the collection, with cheeky cuts and flattering silhouettes. I even pair them with normal every day clothing.

On the yoga mat

 Abysse pieces attempt to encapsulate everything the brand stand for: A healthy lifestyle of love, movement and salt water. Something I can really get behind. 

Wearing the Kay Top and Osa Shorts in Gray

Perfect for support, coverage and a cheeky side boob to show some skin without distracting from your skills. The shorts and pants are seamless, meaning no tight and uncomfortable stitching so you can reach a full range of motion!

In the sea

From downward dog to carving cutbacks, they’ve got you covered.  The hugging, compression like fabric won’t loose its shape over time, meaning you won’t have to worry about loosing your bottoms or your tops suddenly wandering off (hey, we’ve all been there).


If you like what you see, you can find out more at