Liquid Dream

To the ocean I am free,
To the ocean, I am love

Light reflects off of you,
Like a million fragments of the sun.

I lay here in the salt,
In the liquid dream that is my own.

A place where I can be
Where my soul can float alone

This feeling of expansion
Of infatuation with the sea,

I can feel the whole world
Yet I’m as small as can be

Swim by me you will hear
The conversations we hold dear

Let the sun warm the sky
Let it kiss my skin

As my fingers trace the lines
Of caustics through the sea

The waves roll by
And I listen to it's breath

When one calls my name
I dive to it's depth

And I will drink it's magic, 
t'ill the moonlight shows me

The Liquid Dreams I yearn to see. 

To the Ocean I am Love,
To the ocean, I am free.