Just Add Salt : A Love Letter 

A love letter to the ocean, the feeling of freedom, and the Sisterhood of Salty Souls


All photography by Mark Morgan @mxmsurfphoto

Wearing @MakaraWear

To the girl who loves the sand between her toes and the smell of zinc on her face,  

I know you. You are my soul sister. You know there’s nothing like gliding along the water, when the sea reflects a million fragments of morning light. We call it diamonds of the sea. You can taste the salt on your lips, and the air feels a thousand times fresher then on land. As you look out and bask in the blue silk, your heart swells with joy. It’s a feeling like not other, leaving your thoughts and to-do lists back on shore.

You paddle out, nothing matters but the whitewater crumbling towards you, and the feeling of freedom that seeps into your skin. The water flows through your hands and you become a part of the vastness beneath you. 

 The endorphins rush through your brain, the calm settles in. Its like a chemically induced sense of wellbeing. It's the sigh of relief after holding your breath, or savasana after a long, sweaty flow. 

When you paddle out and know the waves are good, every little bump coming your way gives you a jolt of excitement. No matter where the day will or has taken you, you do know this much:  All will be okay. You're gliding along the water, experiencing the exhilaration of your own breath. Those in between moments, right before you stand up, when the momentum builds, you'll feel it's time. That space between your inhale and exhale? Presence. 

To the girl who loves the sand between her toes and the smell of zinc on her face: I salute you. You are my salt sister, my soul sister. We uplift each other, we cheer each other on. Your grace is empowering, and to all of you, I am connected.