When your yoga mat becomes a lifestyle : The Bowern

The Bowern yoga mats are special to me. Not only because they are eco friendly, beautifully designed, and have serious grip when I'm dripping with sweat in Downward Dog, but because they emulate a lifestyle and philosophy that goes beyond a simple yoga mat. 

Any yoga enthusiast will tell you that their little rectangular space on the floor is their one true time to be themselves. To just breathe and let all the surrounding chaos go.

A yoga mat is like a bubble. Once you step onto it, very few things matter a part from your breath and your body moving as one.  

It's a natural rhythm that is as addictive as it is stimulating. 


The Ebb and Flow : Your life won't always go as planned

When I first came across The Bowern, it was for an article I wrote for Sporteluxe.com. I interviewed the founder, Danielle Bowern. Meeting Dani is what I consider one of the "perks" of my job. The opportunity to meet and talk to someone that has a story to tell and an important message to convey.  Her life journey was inspiring and what she learnt along the way was an invaluable lesson.  From a hectic schedule of reaching goals and climbing her way to the top, her seemingly glamorous life as a TV and SkyNews weather presenter started to look more and more like a soul sucking, lacklustre grind that was wearing thin.

After months, years, and endless cups of caffeine, Dani decided to flip the dog, (or the bird, if we're talking figuratively) on the whole situation and change her life around. Fast forward to today, Dani is an entrepreneur, yogi, and is doing life exactly as she feels it ought to be : beautiful, enjoyable, expansive.  Talk about being a #bosslady. 

Mandalas, The Ocean & Palm Trees : A winning Combo

From watercolours to mandalas and palm trees, the patterns behind the Bowern are inspired by soft, dreamy hues of life, the ocean and going with the flow. At first I was weary of the smooth, suede texture beneath my fingers and toes. I had only ever been a Lululemon rubber devotee. But that quickly changed after a hot flow where I learnt that grip was definitely not an issue on these babies. 

Most important is the eco-friendly factor. If you're a millennial, or even just simply live in this century, you're probably already very much aware of the effects plastic, wastage and over-processing does to the environment. Making the mats eco-friendly and sustainable was a fundamental component for The Bowern. Respecting our oceans and our trees sends an important message from a brand coming from humble beginnings. The mats are PVC, silicon, latex and toxic glue free.  100% recyclable and biodegradable, it really doesn't get any better than that.  

So moral of the story ? Do what you like. And do it a lot. Be yourself and own that shit. Cause life will definitely be giving you lemons, you just need to believe you already know how to make lemonade. 

After my interview with her, Dani and I soon became friends. A friend that brings out the positive and is unapologetically herself.  A friend that always reminds me to slow the f**k down, cause we live in paradise. 

Danielle Bowern and I on The Bowern Yoga Mats. From L-R : The Bowern & The Spirit   || For More Info visit :  TheBowern.com     

Danielle Bowern and I on The Bowern Yoga Mats. From L-R : The Bowern & The Spirit   || For More Info visit : TheBowern.com